12 Celebrities with trendy Ivy League Haircut

Ivy League haircut is quite famous among men of all ages. This hairstyle is worn by many celebrities of Hollywood . Some people named this hairstyle as Harvard or Princeton hairstyle because this hairstyle is associated with Ivy league which is a group of top universities of United States. Princeton and Harvard are also a part of this group. Student of these universities were the first who wore this short hairstyle, so this particular hairstyle is known as Ivy League, Princeton or Harvard haircut. This haircut is still popular in these universities but now it is very common in fashion industry. Let’s have a look at 12 famous celebrities with cool Ivy league haircut.

1.David Beckham’s Ivy League style

David is a style icon for men in this era. He keeps changing his hairstyle. You can find great variation in his hairstyles. He opts for medium, short and long hair. when you need the best short hairstyle idea then you should look at very elegant Ivy league haircut of David Beckham.

david beckham ivy league harvad haircut

2.Jensen Ackles short hairstyle

Fans of Jensen also take inspiration from his hairstyle. No doubt, Jensen look super cool with short ivy league hair style. You also need to admit that the personality of Eric Brady in Days of our lives look super charming due to his short haircut.

jensen ackles ivy league short hair

3.Anderson Cooper

Good thing about Ivy league haircut is that it suits to men of all ages. It is not a hairstyle that looks amazing only on youngster. Men of all ages can give it a try.Old men can also opt for this hairstyle, true inspiration is available in the form of Ivy league haircut of Anderson Cooper. Men with receding hairline can also go for it.

anderson cooper short ivy league

4.Jonah Hill hairstyle

Johan is famous actor and director. Guys like to get inspiration from his hairstyle. His short Princeton hairstyle seems to be a good choice.

Jonah Hill ivy league hairstyle

5.Channing Tatum Ivy league cut

We all like the performance of Channging Tatum who always look cool and handsome. You would love to copycat his short Ivy league hairstyle.

channing tatum short ivy league hairstyle

6.Taylor Lautner

The fans and followers of Twilight love to imitate the style of Taylor Lautner or Jacob. He doesn’t opt for very short hair but his Ivy league hairstyle seems to be a good styling option.

harvad hairstyle taylor lautner

7.Matt Damon

We all love the performance of Matt Damon in the movies. His smile and style are perfect. So, when you need to get the best short men hairstyle inspirations then you have to look at his Harvard haircut.

matt damon ivy league style

ivy league style matt damon

8.Daniel Craig

Daniel impresses every person with his brilliant performance. He has attractive personality and charming look. The part of his personality depends on his hairstyle. So, if you are impress from his personality then you should follow his short Ivy league haircut.

daniel craig best ivy league haircut

9.Colin Farrel

Colin is a handsome guy who is possessed with good acting talent. He is a guy who appears with short and long hairstyles. These days, he appears with long hair but his short Ivy league hair style.

colin farrel harvad hairstyle

10.Ryan Gosling

Guys love to get inspiration from Ryan hairstyles. His acting is as brilliant as his personality is. So, when you need short hairstyle idea then you have to look at his Princeton hairstyle.

ryan gosling ivy league hairstyle

11.Zac Efron Ivy League hairstyle

If you want to enhance the beauty of your personality then you must follow Zac efron hairstyles. He always likes to change his look by trying different hairstyles. His short Princeton haircut also looks great.

zack eron princeton hairstyle

12. Joe Flacco short hairstyle

Many times guys want to know name of Joe Flacco short hair. He wore Ivy league haircut. This hairstyle gives his great freedom on the ground.

joe flacco hairstyle shortjoe flacco princeton haircut

So, guys when you need an easy to set hairstyle then you should opt for short Ivy league hairstyle. This hairstyle is simple yet make your look wonderful.

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