12 Astonishing Eye Makeup Art Ideas

Butterfly theme eye makeup

Girls who are passionate about theme makeup art would love to try different eye makeup art ideas. It’s indeed fun to paint your eyes in a unique and aesthetic way. There is no need to follow traditional eye makeup when you can enhance your eye look in many different ways. You don’t need to be extra creative for trying some ides. Fact is that makeup art is for all those girls who really want to make a fashion statement through their genuine art work. So, let’s dip into 12 remarkable ideas of eye beauty art.

1.Eye Makeup with Multicolor Stone Setting

You always keep some rhinestone handy in your makeup box, you never know when exactly you have to use them. Small multicolor rhinestones are quite inexpensive. You can get thousands in one dollar. Apply light green shade eyes and then give soft finish to your eyes with light grey black shade on the top corner of your upper eye lid. Apply black eyeliner and mascara. Once you done with simple eye makeup then next thing you need to do is to decorate your eyes by using many small and big multicolor stones. Always use makeup glue for fixing the stone.stone eye makeup art

2. Butterfly Theme Eye Makeup

We all love colorful cute butterflies. Colors of butterfly wings are quite attractive. These days, you are able to get butterfly colored eye lashes. Your task is to first apply colorful eye shadows of your choices on your eyes and then to fix false eyelashes that are exactly alike to butterfly wings. You can also fix butterfly theme soft fur on the corner of your eyes for getting the perfect finish.

Butterfly theme eye makeup3.Crown Stone Theme Makeup Art

I think it is one of the best makeup art ideas that you can try whenever you like. You can easily get crown stone anytime from the makeup accessories store. You need to apply cooper shade as the main eye shadow and then to enhance the look of your eyes with light and dark purple shade. You should apply cat eyeliner on upper and lower eye-lid for getting real-startling look. Turquoise matte lipstick gives this makeup a good compliment, no doubt.

Crown stone eye makeup4. Colorful Eye Makeup Paint Theme

Although this eye makeup looks somehow difficult yet it is not. You only need to apply eye paint instead of eye-shadow. It will surely be hard for you to get the same look in first turn. So, it is advisable to first make a sketch on a white paper and then copy it on your eyes. Use black pencil for making a rough sketch of this colorful art on your eyes. Once you done with different colors painting then you can surely dark the outlines with black eye marker.

Colorful eye makeup5. Flower Eye Makeup Art Ideas

Another super eye makeup art ideas is to draw little cute flower on and around your eyes. You can use eyeshadow instead of eye paint for drawing attractive purple and orange shade flower. Before you start drawing leaf and flower. You first need to done with your eye makeup. Apply matte orange shade on the lower part of your eyes and then enhance the top part with purple eye shadow. You need to use false big eye lashes for enhancing overall look of your eyes. Once you done with eye makeup, then you can start making cute little flowers with purple and orange shade. You need to make leaves with green and black eye shadow. Use dark eye pencil for making the outline while you can fill the inside of your flower and leaf with matte eyeshadow. Don’t forget to fix small stones in the middle of flowers as they will increase charm of your makeup.

flower eye makeup art6. Peacock Eye Makeup

Colors of Peacock feathers are indeed attractive. The girls who want attractive appearance can surely go for Peacock eye makeup art ideas. It won’t be hard to copycat peacock feather colors. There is only a need to smooth multiple color on your eyes. Girls must know how to blend dark colors on the eyes. The most common color of this kind of eye makeup is dark green. You need to divide your eyes into different portions and then to fill each portion with a dark color such as yellow, pink, orange, etc. It would be fun to play with different colors for you.

peacock eye makeup7. Blue Eye Paint Makeup Art

Here is another eye paint makeup idea. You need to know how to use eye paint for getting a startling eye look. These days, you are able to find eye makeup marker. If you think that you aren’t comfortable with painting then surely you can imitate this amazing idea by using multicolor markers.

eye makeup paint8. Eye Makeup with Flower Accessories

It is quite easy for girls to find diverse flower art accessories in a makeup store. Your task is to but little flower makeup accessories. Before you fix accessories close to eye corner, you first need to complete your eye makeup.  Apply dark eye shadow on your eyes. You need to pick a shade that is somehow matched with your flower makeup art accessory. Apply dark eye liner on top and bottom eye lid. Use thick coat of eye mascara because you need fully defined eyes. Once you done with eye makeup then you can start fixing your little and cute flower accessories on corner and near eyebrows.

Eye makeup with flower settings9. Star Theme Eye Makeup

It is one of the superb Eye art ideas for girls who want to look hot and sexy. What you need to do is to apply smoky makeup on one eye and then make a big star outline on another eye. Once you done with thick black star outline, then you need to use different shades for filling the star. Don’t forget to use false eye lashes for adding extra charm to this makeup.Star themed eye makeup10. Feather theme Makeup

It is one of the startling eye art ideas. You need to use blue and purple eye shadows for defining the eyes. Apply thick coat of eye liner on upper and lower eye lid. Use feather eye makeup accessories for decorating your eyes. Apply purple eye mascara that boosts up overall appearance of eye makeup. Purple eye makeup art11. Funky Eye Makeup Art

Below you can see two kinds of  funky eyes beauty art. For coping left side picture, you need to apply maroon glittery eye shadow in a cat eye makeup style on lower part of your upper eyelid and then to apply grey glittery eye shadow on upper part of your upper eyelid. Apply thin line of eyeliner on lower and upper eye. Always apply light coat of eye mascara for increasing the charm of this look. For getting right side eye makeup, you need to apply light pink shade as a base and then to give this makeup a smoky touch with black-grey eye shadow. You need to apply think coat of mascara and eyeliner for defining the eyes in a fascinating way. Maroon shiny lipstick would complement this makeup.

eye beauty art

12. Aqua Stone Eye Makeup

It is among the most beautiful eye makeup art ideas that you can try. you need to apply aqua eye shadow and then to smooth on and below your eyes. Fix tiny light blue color rhinestone on eye. You need to use colored eye mascara for giving a nice finish to your eyes. No need of eyeliner application. Set big aqua shade rhinestone on lower part of your eye-lid. Don’t forget to use triple shade aqua contact lenses with this kind of eye makeup.

Aqua stobne eye makeup artI hope you like all these eye makeup art ideas. Now it’s up to you to try one idea that appeals you the most.

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