12 Amazing Hairstyle ideas for short blonde hair

short blonde bob hairstyle

The girls with short blonde hair always like to know how they can style their short hair into different ways. Interestingly, there are tons of hairstyle ideas available for short blond hair. However, I would like to shed light on 12 cool hairstyles that a girl with short hair can try.

blonde pompadour hair

1.Shaggy hairstyle for blonde hair

Always pick an expert hairstylist whenever you need to opt for shaggy blonde hairstyle. It is among those hairstyle that give a new shape to your face. In another words, your facial appearance changes to a great extent when you get a shaggy haircut for blonde hair. Some girls get dark color highlights to beautify their blonde shaggy hair strands, you can also give a try to this kind of hairstyling.

shaggy blonde hairstyleshort shaggy hairstyle for blonde hairblonde shaggy hairstyle for short hair

2. Undercut for bold girls

Girls who don’t mind wearing a bold hairstyle would love to get undercut for their blond short hair. This haircut suits a lot to girl with oval and round face shape. Girls who have extra wide face shouldn’t go for it since this particular hairstyle will add extra space to their wide face.Actually hairstylist has to taper the side hair of girls just to give a real-undercut look to them.

blonde short undercut hairstyleblonde undercut hairstyle

3.Blonde Layers

It is indeed hard for hairstylists to make layers of short hair blond. Though it is a difficult task yet not really impossible. Girls should ask the hairstylist to give them short and cute layers. Some hairstylist make layers with blade but this kind of layered hairstyle for blonde hair will look edgy and sharp.

short blonde hairstyles layered blonde short layered hairstyle

4. Short blonde waves

Getting a wavy hairstyle of  blonde hair is very easy and simple. There is only a need to know how to make waves of your blonde hairs with a hairstyling machine. Always apply a hair shiny serum or gel before you start making waves of your hair. This hairstyle adds extra volume into your hair though shrinking the length.

short blonde wavy hair short wavy blonde hairstyleshort wavy blonde hair

5. Pompadour for blonde short hair

Many celebrities appear with blonde short pompadour hairstyle. It is considered as the best hairstyle for short blonde hair. You don’t need to visit a hair saloon for getting a pompadour always. Learn to make pompadour hairstyle and then do styling own your own.

blonde pompadour for short hairshort blonde pompadour hairstyle

6. Side parted Blonde strands

This hairstyle is quite suitable for those girls who have short blonde straight hair. Instead of wasting your time on heavy styling options, you can apply a hairstyling gel on your hair thoroughly, comb your hair and side parted the strands. It is the simplest and easiest hairstyle but it looks cool always.

side parted blonde hairshort blonde side parted hair

7. Curly short blond hair

Curly hairstyles are always in demand. Good thing about this hairstyle is that it suits to every girl. No need to visit a hair saloon for getting curls, you can make curls with curling iron at home after spending a few minutes. You shouldn’t make formal curls of your short hair because it doesn’t suit to your face since your hair will look extra short. Always opt for loose curls that look trendy and attractive.

curly blonde hairstylecurly blonde hairstyleblonde loose curly hairblonde curly hairstylecurly hairstyles for blonde hair

8. Mohawk for blonde short hair

Girls who follow music bands normally like to get Mohawk hairstyle since many singers opt for Mohawk hairstyling such as Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, etc. Before you take this hairstyle,you must know that it requires much maintenance from your part. Whenever you get a Mohawk haircut, you have to set your hair for at least 15-30 minutes before you go out. Monthly hair trimming is also required.

short blonde mohawk hairstyleblonde mohawk hairstyle

9. Dirty blonde Faux hawk

Another cool hairstyle for short blonde hair is faux hawk. This hairstyle looks very cool and completely transforms one’s personality and outlook. Girls who get bored from their casual hairstyling can surely give a try to this bold hairstyle. Just like Mohawk, faux hawk hairstyling also requires much attention from its wearer.

short blonde faux hawk hairstylesblonde faux hawk hairstyle

10. Spiky blonde hairstyles

Get a razor-cut short blonde haircut and then makes spikes. You need to apply a large amount of hairstyling wax before making long spikes that radiate upwards. Girls who have natural straight hair can try this hairstyle but it is not recommended to girls with natural curly hair; it would be hard to make spikes of curly hair.

blonde spiky hairstylespiky blonde hairblonde spiky short hairstyle

11. Blonde short fringe

It is a common hairstyle of Hollywood celebrities. They usually make a cute small fringe of their blonde hair. This hairstyle suits to girls who have medium size forehead. Fringe doesn’t look great to a girl who have wide and broad forehead.

short blonde fringe short blonde fringe hairstyle

12. Short blonde bob hairstyles

Last but not the least; girls can get bob haircut for their short hair. A normal and standard bob cut is usually suits to girl who have short hair. Though angled bob looks very amazing yet it hardly suits to short hair. A hairstylist can make a good angled bob, if a girl has medium blonde hair. It would be hard for hairstylist to create perfect angular bob haircut for blonde short hair.

short blonde bob hairstyleblonde bob short

Now you have gotten 12 amazing ideas for short blonde hair styling, it’s up to you to pick one best hairstyle idea for you.


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