10 Smart Makeup Tips for Women over 50

skin care tips for women over 50

Women who have passed the limit of young age think that they could look young and attractive while it is not true. A woman over age 50 or 55 can still get younger-looking skin, if she follows some clever makeup tips for women over 50. I am here with 10 easy and simple tips with which you can rejuvenate your facial appearance.

skin care tips for women over 50

1.Moisturizer is a Must

Apply a mild or light moisturizing cream on your face evenly. Now leave your skin for a few minutes. This moisturizer will make it easy for you to get a dewy look of makeup at the end.

2.Cover up

You need to pick a concealer shade that is lighter than your skin tone and then to blend it under eye circles. You have to cover up this purple or brown tone skin of your eyes.

3.Opt for Creamy Foundation

Once you have blended the concealer then the next step would be to mix creamy foundation with some drops of water on the back of your hand. Mix them and then apply this mixture on your face with foundation brush. Your task is to achieve a smoother finish. It is one of the most important makeup tips for women over 50. If you don’t make a smooth base then you won’t be able to get perfect look.

4.Blush on Apples of Cheeks

You must have to highlight this region of your cheeks. It is good to use a light and soft blusher shade for enhancing your cheeks. You don’t need to use glittery blusher, try something matte.

5.Give a Softer Eyeliner Touch

Instead of black eyeliner, you can enhance your eyes beauty with soft eyeliner such as brows or greys. You should draw the line close to your lash line. Reach for pencil eyeliner for getting a very soft and graceful look.

6.Go for Powder Eye-shadows

You don’t need to pick creamy eyeshadows because they settle into the creases of lid and give a cake effect. You need to apply soft color powdery eyeshadows with a soft eyebrush. Apply eyeshadow correctly; don’t forget to blend it well.

7. Avoid Glitter and Sparkle

You need to avoid shimmer and glitter makeup. It is indeed among the most important makeup tips for women over 50. Shimmer is good for teenagers and young girls. If you apply it in your 50s then it will illuminate every fine line, pore and wrinkle and it is what you would never like.

8. Use Highlight

If you want to get plumped and dewy appearance when you are 50 years old then you need to focus more on highlight. You can pick pale shades for drawing out the beauty of your eyes. Apply light and soft shade highlight under the eyebrows. You can surely highlight apples of your cheeks but don’t overdo it.

9. Blot Instead of Powder

There is no need to apply too much powder on your face because it makes you look older. Every makeup artist is agreed with this point. Many women over 50 keep powder with them to quickly fix their makeup and they are indeed making their look worst. So, your task is to replace your powder with blotting papers. You can quickly fix your chin, nose and forehead with these papers and you will also get a glowing skin.

10. Do Some Practice

Before trying these makeup tips for women over 50 at a special event, you should do some practice because practice will make you perfect in getting youthful look.

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