10 Meaningful Watercolour Tattoos ideas for Women

wolf tattoo design ideas

Watercolour tattoos are becoming very popular as it is very easy to make them. If you have watercolour and you know a little about art then you can create stunning watercolour tattoo designs very quickly. Today, I’m going to share some cool ideas along with meanings.

watercolour tattoos designs

1.Spread Colors with Quote

It is indeed a fascinating idea to try for. All you need to do is to spread different colors on your ribcage and then write a quote of your choices with black color. You should opt for some inspirational quote though girls usually consider getting a love quote.

quote tattoo ideas

2.Dragonfly watercolour tattoos

Dragon fly is a creature with wings, so it shows change. This creature lives a short life and gives us a message that we need to spend our short life at its fullest. No matter what meaning you want to portray, this seems to be a great tattoo design idea for girls.

dragonfly tattoo ideas for shoulder womendragonfly tattoo meanings

3.Peacock tattoo watercolour

Peacock feathers always look wonderful and beautiful. The meaning of peacock feather tattoos are sexuality, sensuality, beauty, desire,love, etc. Women love colors of peacock feathers as they are very attractive.It would be amazing to have a watercolour tattoo with this design.

peacock feather tattoo for women with meanings

4.Birds Tattoo ideas

When you want to symbolize simplicity and feminity then you need to consider a bird tattoo design. Colorful pair of bird looks wonderful and shows love of couple and boy friend/girlfriend. If you consider yourself a love bird then this design seems great. In case you want to show your inner freedom, simplicity and beauty then you can go for black bird tattoo design.

birds tattoos ideas pair of bird tattoo ideas

5.Feather tattoo designs

It is believed that feather hold spiritual powers. In many tribal rituals, different kinds of feathers have been used. If you like this spiritual nature of feather then you won’t mind getting a feather tattoo design with watercolours. Would you?

colorful feather tattoo ideas birds and feathers tattoo ideas

6.Lion face tattoo

Normally, we know that lion tattoo design symbolize courage and strength but from female point of view this tattoo design also shows purity, honesty and loyalty. Women who want to depict these meanings, consider getting this tat.

lion tattoo meanings

7.Dreamcatcher watercolour tattoos

Many times, you see a dreamcatcher hanging on a crib of a newborn. It is believed that web catches bad spirit and negative thoughts and only create a flow of positive thoughts to baby. Colorful dreamcatcher tattoos are very popular among girls. You can create them in almost any size, depending on your art and design skill. But it is a lovely idea of watercolour tattoos for women.

dreamcatcher tattoo design ideas for women with meanings

8.Owl tattoo idea

Another cool tattoo design idea to go with owl watercolor tattoo. This tattoo represents wisdom, deity and vision. Women who think that they are wise enough with great future vision can surely give this design their best try.

meaning of owl tattoo designs

9.Colorful flower watercolour tattoo

It is good to know that meanings of different flowers are surely different but when we talk about flowers in general then they demonstrate love, unity, growth,birth, and connection. All such meanings are true for women, therefore this is the best tattoo idea for them.

flower tattoo ideas for women meaningful flower tattos for women

10.Wolf Face tattoo design

Mostly, negative meanings are associated with wolf but it is good to know that they also symbolize great leaders and protectors of innocent. In case you don’t believe in negative meanings of this creature then you would like to have a tattoo of wolf face.

wolf tattoo design ideas

You have 10 meaningful tattoo ideas for women.Now it’s up to you to pick one of these watercolour tattoos designs after knowing its meanings.



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