10 ideas of Cool Tattoo Design for Wrist

ship tattoo design for wrist

Do you need some really cool tattoo design ideas for wrist? You have finally hit a right place where you would be able to discover 10 stunning tattoo design ideas. Let’s uncover this list.

you are my strength wrist tattood design

1.Heart lock and Heart key connecting tattoo

This seems to be a great idea for couples. One partner can get heart lock tattoo on her wrist while another partner must get heart key on his wrist. Both tattoos can be connected with dots. The meaning of heart lock and key tattoo is quite simple. One partner has locked her heart for another who has a key to open her heart with a heart key.

heart lock and key tattoo design couple

2.Superman Logo tattoo design

If you love Superman and his qualities and take great inspiration from his character then you would surely love to get a logo on Superman on your wrist.

superman tattoo design

3.Music notes and heart beat connected tattoo

Many people are quite passionate about music. They love to sing and follow the best singers. They think that their heart has a good connection with music. Therefore, they usually opt for a connected heart beat and music note cool tattoo design for wrist.

music note and heart beat tattoo design

4.Let Go short Quote tattoo

It is a fact that negative thoughts and feelings always distract us from good things of our life. If you want to get rid of such distractions then you should get a short quote “Let go” on your wrist. This quote will let you to get control over negative things, so you can move toward positive thoughts and feelings.

let go tattoo design idea

5.Sweet Bunny tattoo design

Another cool tattoo design idea is to get a bunny and hand tattoo. People love bunny due to their cuteness and naughty features.

bunny and hand tattoo design wrist

6.Dreamer Dreamcatcher tattoos

Dreamcatcher catches your good dream while passing bad dreams. It protects you from bad and evil spirits. If you want to make your luck simply good and want to chase only good dreams of your life then you should get dreamcatcher tattoo design.

dreamer dreamcatcher tattoo wrist

7.Be the Change tattoo

When you feel that you have stuck in life and don’t know where to go then you should get a tattoo “Be the change”. It simply means that you have to change yourself, start a refreshing new beginning in life.

be the change tattoo design

8.Mermaid tattoo design on wrist

Usually women opt for this cool tattoo design. The meaning of mermaid tattoo mean a potent woman who can allure man with her beauty but also very dangerous.

mermaid tattoo wrist of girl

9.Bird Free from Cage tattoo

When you get freedom from some sort of physical or mental prison then you can surely get bird free from cage tattoo design.

bird free from cage tattoo wrist

10.Ship tattoo design on Wrist

There are some people who love to do sailing and enjoy to travel in ship. They consider themselves a traveler. So, it is suggested to them to get ship tattoo design on wrist.

ship tattoo design for wrist

Finally, you have 10 cool tattoo design ideas for wrist. Now it’s up to you to get ink of a design that is the most desirable for you.

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