10 Cool Lip Tips on how to Apply Lipstick

how to get wide lips tips

If you are blessed with beautiful lips for which you often compliments then it’s time to accentuate your lips. I’m here to share 15 cool tips on how to apply lipstick in the best way. Your task should be to enhance the beauty of your lips in the best possible way, so let’s start this task.

how to apply lipstick tips

Tip No.1 Don’t Pick Dark Lipstick with Dark Eyes

I think the worst choice a girl makes is to combine dark eye makeup with dark lipstick.You shouldn’t do this otherwise you will get weird look. You need to get a balance look. If you have got smokey eye makeup then it is better to compliment it with light color lipstick or gloss. On the other hand, you can try dark lip gloss or lipstick when you apply light color eye shadows.

smokey eyes and red lips

 Tip No.2 How to Get Fuller Lips

Many girls try some stupid tricks for getting bee-stung lip look. If you want to get plum up lips then you just need to follow a simple trick. You have to apply lip liner outside your natural lip line, fill in with lipstick and then apply a bit of gloss of matching color in the middle of your upper and bottom lips. In this way, you will get fuller lip look.

get fuller lips look

Tip No.3How to choose Lipstick or gloss color

Girls usually get confused when they need to pick the right color for their lips.According to expert makeup artist, a girl should pick a lipstick shade that is one or two shade darker than your natural lip color. It is a fact that orange, brown and coral shades only suits to a few people. Sometimes, teeth of girls look yellow just because of these color applications, so you need to select color wisely.

how to apply lip gloss

Tip No. 4 Don’t Follow Other’s Rules, Apply Lipstick with Your Own Way

Fact is that there are tons of ways for applying lipstick but you should opt for one that is right for you. Some girls choose lip brush for applying lipstick while others just turn their middle finger into a lip brush. Some girls believe in direct application. I suggest you to don’t follow others’ rules ; you need to apply lipstick in your own convenient way. It is indeed one of the best lip tips for you.

how to apply lipstick with brush

Tip No. 5 How a Lipstick Lasts Longer?

I’m going to share a very common but effective lip tip with you. If you want that you lipstick stay longer then you first need to apply lip liner to define the lips and then to fill in the entire lips with lip liner. After that you can apply lipstick that will stick with your lips for long time. Simple and easy !!

get long lasting lipstick

Tip No.6 How to make your Lip Smaller

If you want to get thin look appearance then you need to apply lip liner inside your natural lip line. After that you can fill in with lipstick and get a smaller lip look. It is one of the best lip tips that you can try at home.

get smaller lip look

Tip No. 7 Don’t Combine a Dark liner with Light lipstick

If you want to get beautiful smile then you should never use a dark liner with a light lipstick because it becomes sometimes hard for you to tackle this combination. It is no doubt one of the best lip tips for the girls.

how to dark outline your lipstick

Tip No. 8 How to Make your Lips Wide?

You can make your lips wide, if you do work on your outer edges of lips with the lip liner. You need to line your outer corner of lips and then to apply matte or glossy lipstick for getting wide lip look. This is one of the easiest lip tips that you can follow.

how to get wide lips tips

Tip No. 9 Choose Creamy Lipstick Color when you get older

You should avoid matte and gloss when you are getting older.If you need a graceful appearance then your task is to pick the creamy lipsticks for you.Light creamy color will compliment your personality and age.

creamy lipstick for old ladies

Tip No. 10 Line your lips Before or After Lipstick Application

Many girls get confused when they need to apply lip liner on their lips, they don’t know whether to line their lips before or after application of gloss or lipstick. There is no hard and fast rule again. If you are unable to see your natural lip line after the application of lipstick or gloss then you must use lip liner before application; otherwise you can get the fine look by applying a lip liner after application of lipstick. Choice is completely yours.

how to apply lip liner

I’m sure when you follow these 10 basic and cool lip tips then you will be able to apply lipstick in the right way.


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