10 Cool Eye Shades to use for Blue Eye makeup

beautiful makeup for blue eyes

Blue eyed girls usually want t know about the best eyes shades colors that they can use for blue eyes makeup. Reality is that every shade doesn’t look good on this eye color, so you need to be a little choosy while making selection of a color for your eyes. Today, I would like to unlock 10 eye shade colors that look fantastic on your blue eyes. Let’s have a look.

makeup for blue eyes

1.Electric blue eyes

Girls who want to look very fascinating must opt for this specific color. You need to mix this color with a little blue or silver just to define your eyes in the best way.

electric blue eye makeup

2.Turquoise and blue eye makeup

This seems to be a great party makeup idea for bold girls. You don’t only need to do eye makeup but also a little makeup of your eyebrows. Blend light blue shades all over on lower and upper eyelid and then rock this look with turquoise gel liner and shades.

dramatic makeup for blue eyes

3.Triple colors for Fascinating eye makeup

Your task is to apply purple eyeshades as the base and then make dark blue eyeshade corners and crease. Apply light yellow shade on lower lid and fill the lower lid corner with dark blue shades. This kind of blue eye makeup makes your look quite dramatic.

beautiful makeup for blue eyes

4.Stunning green eye makeup for blue eyes

You can surely catch attention of everyone toward your eyes, if you d green makeup on blue eyes. It’s advisable to give your eyes a perfect smokey look by applying light green shades inside and dark green on outside.

green smokey makeup for blue eyes

5.Cooper eye makeup blue eyes

If you need natural eye makeup look then you should opt for cooper eye shades that can blend quite easily and make it easy for you to grab fascinating look.

cooper makeup blue eyes

6.Purple black Eye makeup

Blue eyes grace can easily be boosted up with the mean of purple black eye makeup. Apply light purple shade a little and then use dark black shade and blend both shades together in a way that you can grab perfect smokey eye makeup look at the end.

black smokey makeup for blue eyes

7.Startling black blue eye makeup

If you are blessed with light blue eyes then you can look adorable with dark blue and black eye shades combinations. You need to use sparking eyes shades for blue eye makeup.

glittery blue eye makeup

8.Yellow blue eyeshades for makeup

These days, pastel shades are very popular since they offer terrific makeup look. You can definitely opt for such shades. You need to apply yellow pastel shades on lower lid and then to define crease with dark blue eyeshades. Also apply blue eyeliner in a curvy pattern on your eyes.

yellow makeup for blue eyes

9.Pastel blue shades for blue eye makeup

Don’t want t put a lot of effort on makeup. You need to opt for pastel blue shades. These choky shades would add instant glam into your persona.

pastel makeup blue eyes

10.Light brown shades for natural look

Girls who want to do natural makeup on their blue eyes must opt for light shades of brown and peach. It’s quite simple to blend these shades and get a classy look with this kind of blue eye makeup.

light brown makeup for blue eyes

Whenever you are going to do eye makeup on blue eyes, you must consider these 10 remarkable eye shades.





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