10 best ideas of Glitter nail art for girls

pink and silver nail art

There is a wide variety of girl nail art but it is very easy for girls to handle glitters. They can try many different manicure designs with the glitter. Tons of ideas are there to explore for, but I would like to unlock some very easy nail art ideas for girls. Let’s have a look at 10 simple glitter nail art designs.

1.Black and Pinkish Glittery nail

It is very simple to work on this idea. You need to apply black glittery polish on four nails. Apply pink multicolor glitter on one nail and you are done with super manicure.

black and multicolor nail art

2.Turquoise and Silver Glitter nail art

I really love this idea. You have to apply turquoise nail polish on base. Sprinkle some silver dry glittery on the base of your nail while polish is still wet.

blue and silver nail art design

3.Black and blue glossy nail art

Another simple glitter nail art idea to try for is black and blue. Apply black nail polish as the base and let it dry. Use a light coat of blue nail polish over it. This design won’t take your much effort.

black and blue glitter nail art

4.Silver tip glitter manicure

This is indeed one of the best party nail art designs for girls. Your task is to apply light pink nail polish on the base, now make the tip with silver thick glittery polish.

purple black glitter nail art

5.Shocking Pink and Silver nail art

It is another simple nail art design for you. You don’t need to follow a lot of steps. First apply pink nail polish on four nails. Now adore one nail with dark silver thick glittery polish.

pink silver easy nail art

6.Black Purple Gel and Glitter nail art

I’m sure you would love this nail art design. Your task is to apply gel polish on the base. Now first apply black glitter diagonally on tip and then make an underline with purple glittery polish. This is very easy manicure to try.

black purple gel nail art with glitter

7.Red Silver Nail art

Apply rose red shiny nail polish on the base. Let it dry. Now your task is to apply silver glittery nail polish on the tip. Don’t forget to seal this manicure with a top coat.

pink and silver nail art

8.Beige Silver ombre nail art

We all love to make ombre design. If you need a decent touch in your nail polish then first apply beige shade on the base. Then apply a little coat of silver polish from the nail base to mid point.

ombre nail art

9.Blue Glittery nail art design

Apply light blue nail polish on the base. Let it dry. Seal the shine with a top coat, now you need to adore the look with silver nail polish.

blue manicure idea

10.Silver glitter nail art with bow

You would surely like to try this idea of nail art. Apply gel polish as base and make tips with silver nail polish. Now you need to adore your nail polish look with black bow nail art accessory.

silver glitter easy nail art

You have very cool glitter nail designs. It’s good to try some of these designs at home. Don’t forget to share your comments on the best design.



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