10 Artistic Designs for Acrylic Nails

palm tree green yellow acrylic nails

Acrylic nails are normally used by those girls who want to try some creative design of nail art. If a girl doesn’t have big nails then it never means that she has to go without manicure. There is no need to give up on nail designing when acrylic nails are available in the market. You only need to get them and then learn how to set them. Once you fix them, you would have multiple acrylic nail design options to choose from.

white acrylic nail designs

1.Colorful Glittery nails

Add some vibrant colors into your life. Try dark pink, yellow, blue and purple and enhance beauty of your acrylic nails.

colorful acrylic nails designs

2.Pink and leopard design

Another cool design to try with your fake nails is to opt for leopard design. Use nail art brush for drawing leopard body marks on two nails while applying dark pink nail polish on rest of your nails.

pink acrylic nails

3.Yellow dotted and geometric designs

We all love neon colors. So, go and try yellow neon nail polish along with black and white to amplify grace of your acrylic nails.

yellow acrylic nail designs

4.Palm tree nail tip

Some girls like to adore beauty of only big French tip. It is advisable to them to try palm tree design with ombre green yellow nail tips.

palm tree green yellow acrylic nails

5.Blue leopard Acrylic nails

Many girls love leopard body prints since they look hot and fierce. You can also give a try to blue, black and white leopard nail art.

blue acrylic nails

6.Turquoise Rhinestone nail art

The best way to make your acrylic nails super magical is to apply classy nail polish over it. Go for turquoise that seems to be a perfect shades. Fix rhinestone on one finger nail for making overall look of acrylic nail design very beautiful.

turquise rhinestone acrylic nails

7.Colorful leopard designs

Don’t apply same color on all finger nails when you have multiple colors to use for. Your task is to use light pastel colors such as green, blue, purple, pink and orange and then go with this stunning design.

colorful acrylic nail designs

8.Pink golden glittery moon nail art

Apply pink on the base and make startling moon with golden glittery nail polish on your acrylic nails.

pink golden moon nail art

9.Light blue and silver nail art designs

Do you need the best party nail art? I’m sure you would love this design that is based on blue and silver nail paint.

blue silver acrylic nail designs

10.Aqua green and black dotted nail art

Girls who need a unique design idea for acrylic nails would love to try this design. You have to use aqua green polish as a base and then to adore this paint with black and white dotted nail art design.

aqua green acrylic nail designs

Girls who would consider these 10 cool design ideas for acrylic nails would be able to get attention of all toward their nail art effort quite easily.

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