Tutorial: How to Make a Rolled updo hairstyle with Loop Shaper?

Women who need easy hairstyle ideas must consider a rolled updo hairstyle. For making this stunning hairstyle, you should use a loop shaper. It doesn’t require much time and you can make it as quickly as you can.

Tutorial: How to Make Romantic Rolled updo hairstyle with Loop Shaper?

Tutorial: How to Make a Rolled updo hairstyle with Loop Shaper?

Prepare Your hair for styling

As you are going to make a sleek rolled updo hairstyle then definitely you need to prepare your hair first. First of all, you should use shampoo and conditioner. Once your hair is dry then you can apply hair serum or cream. Comb your hair. In case you don’t have straight hair then you need to make them straight with hair iron at this stage.

Time required: 10 minutes

Things Required: Hair pins, loop shaper, hair comb

How to Make a Rolled updo hairstyle with Loop shaper?

You can make this stunning hairstyle by following 6 steps.

  1. Make a ponytail and secure it with band of loop shaper. You need to set shaper on top of head as shown in the image.
  2. Pick lower section of your ponytail and pass it through loop. Keep one hand at the low end of your tail.
  3. Move down tail of loop shaper a little bit, just to roll your hair.
  4. Drop down your loop shaper and you will see that how perfectly your hair will be rolled.
  5. Remove loop shaper and fix rolled updo. If there are some strands left then you can roll them own your own and set them close to your updo.

Voila! Now you have an idea about how to make a rolled updo hairstyle with  loop shaper. It is one of the best party hairstyles for girls with medium or long hair. Give it a try and get amazing look at home. If you have any question, feel free to ask anytime.


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