Three bun hair tutorial for Medium hair length

three bun hair tutorials step by step

Want to try a unique style of bun? It’s time to check really amazing three bun hair tutorial for medium hair length. It is one of the quick hairstyles for girls. You don’t need to follow a lot of steps for making this stunning hairstyle, just follow 5 steps and create a chic hair do. Let’s check this simple hair guide without any unnecessary delay.

three bun hair tutorials step by step

Time Required: 15 minutes

Things You’ll need

  • Hair comb
  • Elastic ponytails
  • Bobby pins
  • Styling gel

Three bun hair tutorial

You need to follow these five simple steps.

Step No.1 Shampoo your hair. Let it dry. Apply a little amount of stylish gel thoroughly in your hair. Now pick a comb and remove all hair tangles. Always give some time to your hair and let it get settled down. Don’t start anything on the damp hair because it’s not worth it, your effort will be wasted once hair strand will start coming off of the bun from here and there.

Step No.2 Divide hair into three equal sections and make three low ponytails. Secure this ponytails with elastic ponytails. The division should be done methodically. Sometimes, one knot has more hair into it whereas the other one is thinner in the volume, this happens when you ignore to take the right section for the style.

Step No.3 It’s time to twist middle ponytail hair section. While you do this part, tie the hair in a good manner and take as many pins as it takes to secure the knot. Or else it will come loose in the very second minute.Do the same with the rest of two knots.

Step No.4 Roll this ponytail section after twisting and you would get your first small hair bun. Secure this bun with the help of bobby pins.

Step No.5 You need to make two more small hair buns with remaining two ponytails by following step number 3 and 4. If your hair feels loose from any point you can consider pinning it from the sides. Focus on using the pins on the sides of the temples.

Voila! You have made a classy hairstyle by following three bun hair tutorial. While you are making this hairstyle, you would realize that it is very simple to make and doesn’t require much effort.Would you like to try this hairstyle at home? Don’t forget to share your experience with us.  This style is very easy to do. You just need to learn how to make one knot, once you do it, you will get an idea as what to do with the rest of the knots and how to secure them in place.

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