Taylor Swift Hair Tutorial : Chic Messy updo

taylor swift messy bun make at home

Messy updo hairstyles are very popular in 2015 fashion trends, so I decided to share Taylor Swift hair tutorial. This guide would help you to create a messy updo exactly similar to Taylor Swift’s messy do. You don’t need to spend hour on copycatting this hairstyle as it is very easy to create. You hardly need 20 minutes for a celebrity like hair updo. So, are you ready to check it.

Over the years, Taylor has inspired and impressed us by the way of her styling sense.  Despite of having natural coils, she brings something forward for her fans to follow and copy. The side bun is nothing new but the way she has pulled it off is definitely making the style even classier than before to us.

taylor swift messy bun make at home

Things you’ll need

  • Hair clips
  • Hair pins
  • Hair curler wand
  • Elastic hair band
  • Styling cream
  • Hair comb
  • Hair Spray

Taylor Swift Hair Tutorial : Beautiful Messy updo

All you need to follow 6 simple steps to create this hair updo.

Step No.1 Apply a little styling cream thoroughly in your hair. Don’t go for gel as it will give a sleek look that you don’t intend to make. Once you have applied cream, finger comb your hair. Now pick a hair comb and sectioning your hair. Divide front hair section into three parts: left side, middle and right side.. Now you need to pick your curling wand and start making loose waves in right side hair section.

Step No.2 Use hair clip to keep freshly curled hair section at its place. Gather all your back hair and make a rough bun. Just twist all back hair and secure them in an elastic hair band .It’s time to create loose waves in other two sections. Use hair clips to hold them.

Step No.3 Remove clip from front wavy hair section and set hair over your loose hair bun. You need to secure hair with the mean of bobby pins.

Step No.4 Remove clips from side and middle wavy hair section and then you need to add them into your back messy hair updo.

Step No.5 Comb your hair a little. If some hair strands fall free from your face then you don’t need to catch them with pins as they would create a perfect messy hairstyle look.

Step No.6 Apply hair spray a little at the end, and you are ready for a party.

It is indeed a very easy way to create messy hair updo. You would surely like to follow Taylor Swift hair tutorial at home because you always want to imitate messy bun of this fascinating and cute American singer.

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