Step by Step Christmas Snowflake Easy nail art Design

Are you going to make royal blue outfit at Christmas? It’s suggested to you to give a try to Blue and white Christmas Snowflake easy nail art design. This design is quite simple and doesn’t take much time. It also look cool and wonderful on this event.

step by step easy christmas snowflake manicure

Things You’ll need

Here are some important things that you need for Christmas Snowflake easy nail art.

  • Nail polish: Silver, Royal Blue
  • White nail art pen
  • Top coat

Step by Step Christmas Snowflake Easy nail art

christmas nail art design easy

Here are four easy steps that give you a chance to enjoy this amazing nail art.

Step No.1 Apply silver nail polish on the thumb and pinky. Apply royal blue nail polish on middle nails.

Step No.2 Pick your white nail art pen and then make a big cross in the middle.

Step No.3 Draw a small cross that intersect a big cross with white nail art pen.

Step No.4 Now you need to add spiky details to both cross. Apply top coat to seal the look.

Christmas Snowflake easy nail art design doesn’t take more than five minutes but these nail art designs look wonderful. If you don’t want to go for royal blue nail polish then you can replace blue polish with red. If you don’t have nail art pen then you can dip a match stick into nail polish and then draw the required lines.

Go and give a try to Christmas Snowflake nail art design.

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