Remarkable Styling Options for Long layered Hairstyles 2014

side swept long layered hair cut for women

Girls with long hair are indeed blessed since they have a wide variety of styling options to choose from. They can try diverse braided hairstyle, chic haircut, up and down dos on some special events. Normally, girls are quite conscious about their styling,they don’t want to cut short their hair. They want a hairstyle that doesn’t decrease their hair length. It is suggested to give a try to long layered hairstyles 2014. This hairstyle adds grace into one’s personality and also enhances overall hair volume.side parted long layered hairstyle


If you have extra long hair then it is advisable to get five to seven short layers. The more layers you have, the more promising your look will be. Always choose a professional hair stylist when you need a layered hairstyle. Only an expert can maintain the right balance of layers. Layers of right side should be exactly alike with the layers of left side. Some girls go to local hair salon just to save their money; an in-experienced hairstylist of salon might not cut hair in the right way. She might create wrong angle. The soul of this long layered hairstyle is completely in its angles. An expert hairstylist know where from first layers should begin and where last layers has to end.

sleek long layers

Straight Long hairstyle

Interesting thing about layers hairstyle is that one can add different variation to this particle hairstyle. One of the best long layered hairstyles is straight one. The girls with slight curly long hair can completely modify their looks by opting for straight long hair. This hairstyle is perfect for long face, which looks somehow broad and oval with this hair cut. Once a girl gets this hairstyle, she doesn’t need to do much for its maintenance. Whenever she needs to go out, she has to apply hair serum and then to straight her layers with the hair iron. It usually takes half hour to get ready for any special party.

long straight layered hairstyles for girls 2013women long straight hairstyle 2014long straight layered hairstyles for girls 2014

Get Fringe with Layered cut

Another amazing styling way for long layered hairstyle is to combine it with fringe. Fringe add cuteness factor into one’s personality. The girls who want to get baby look surely try long layered hairstyle with fringe. Length of fringe should be dependent on the forehead. A girl with short forehead must have short length fringe while a girl with broad and wide forehead can increase the length of fringe. However, it is always advisable to keep your fringe 3cm above the eyebrows. Some girls have fringe falling on eyes, though it looks somehow cute; but fact is that such fringe will disturb you during your work. You feel burden on eyes and that’s not really a good idea to play with your vision.

Long layered hairstyle with fringe fringe with long layered hairstyle

Pour Colors into Your Layered hairstyle

You can boost up long layered hairstyles 2014 by dyeing your hair with some phenomenal color. Changing hair color and then get a layered hair cut is surely a wonderful idea that a girl can try for. A girl who get bored from her long hair and want something really chic can go for red or honey dye shades. In case you don’t want to change complete hair color then another option comes in the form of bright color streaks.

long layer hairstyle with red color for girls 2014red streaks in long layers 2014long layered hair with blonde streaks

Long layered hair cut with bangs

The girls who want to look really hot should get bangs with layered hair cut. Razor cut bangs add an x-factor to one’s beauty. Girls look sexy and charming side by side. The girls who are looking for soft look must tell their hairstylist because you won’t be able to get such look with razor cut. Hairstylist needs to use some other cutting tool while setting your bangs.


long layered hairstyle with bangslong layered hair with bangs

 Side Swept Long Layered hairstyle

Girls think that layers cover their face to a great extent. Therefore, they don’t opt for it. Side swept long layered hairstyles 2014 seem to be the best option. After getting the sharp layers, they can divide their hair into different ways. They are able to divide their hair either into right or left side. Sweeping hair into one side surely expose other side. In this manner, your face will also be as prominent as your layers are.

side swept long layered hairstylelong sleek layered hairstyles for girls 2014side swept long layered hair cut for womenside swept layered hair cut

In reality, layered hairstyles for long hair bring diverse styling options for the girls. There is only a need to give a try to all of these options. There is no need to stick with only one options because remember that “Variety is Spice of Life” and you must taste this spice.

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