Red and White Christmas Nail Art Designs Ideas

Christmas glittery stripes nail art
Red and White nail art with glittery stripes

Christmas is not so far and it’s right time to start thinking about your outfit, hairstyle and other important things. Girls who like to follow trend usually give due importance to nail art designs,. They want to look different than other girls; it is possible when they select a compelling Christmas nail art designs for them. You don’t need to be super expert for making a nice-looking design on your shiny nails. Your task is to pick a design that matches perfectly with your Christmas dress and then to look it carefully. A close look will make it easy for you to understand how to create this design. Red and white are two main colors associated with Christmas day. Today, I decided to bring some fascinating red and white Christmas nail art designs for you. These designs will give you an idea how to add beauty into your personality through a stylish creative nail work.

simple christmas nail art
Sleek Christmas nail art

We all wait for Santa Claus at Christmas as we have to get our gifts. So,you can try Santa claus nail art at this special day. Get some ideas below.

Different christmas nail art designs
Santa, Snowflakes and Polka dot nail art designs
christmas santa easy nail art
Simple santa nail art
Santa claus nail art design
Christmas Santa Claus Cap

No matter how old you are, you love to collect Christmas candies. These are yummy and no one likes to miss them. We get different candies and wrap them in red and white papers. It’s very easy to imitate candy cane stripe design on you nails. You just need to get red and white nail polish. Apply a sleek coat of red nail polish and then take a stick and start making white thin stripes over it. Find some ideas of Christmas nail art design below.

red stripes nail art designs for girls
Red and White Christmas stripes
Christmas candy cane nail art with glitters
Glittery Christmas Candy Cane nail art
Christmas stripes nail art
Red&White Christmas Candy Stripes

We love to get and send gifts to our loved ones on Christmas. So, another idea for your nail art is make a Christmas gift knot.

Christmas red and white gift nail art design
Christmas Gift Nail art
Gold, red and white christmas gift nail art
Christmas gift ribbon with Gold layer
Christmas gift ribbon nail art design idea
Christmas Gift Ribbon
Christmas gift nail art idea
Christmas Gift Ribbons nail art

Normally, we see a green color Christmas tree. However, you can make a red and white Christmastree on nail just to grab attention of all.

Christmas red and white tree nail art style
Christmas Tree Nail art design

In case you are looking for some easy to make Christmas nail art designs then I suggest to try red and white polka dots design. You can copy this style immediately. You need to apply a thick coat of red color on your nail and then to make tiny white dots over it through a tiny pin. Don’t Forget to apply one coat of silver glittery nail polish on the tip of your nails, just to enhance beauty of your nails.

christmas red and white dots designs for nail art
Christmas Polka Dots nail art

You can’t go outside without red and white Christmas sweater, which could be best idea for your nail art design. You can make dots, snow flakes, candy stripes and other things on each nail. Get some ideas below.

Red and white sweater nail art for christmas
Christmas Red and White sweater nail art
Nail art of christmas sweater for girls
Red and White Christmas Sweater

Ready to get tiny shiny stars on nails at Christmas Day?


simple christmas nail art style
White Stars on Red nail polish

Santa stick is quite fasinating for us. Why don’t you make glossy red and white sticks on nails?

christmas stick nail art for girls
Red and White Candy sticks designs

Don’t forget yummy cherries, which you love to taste at Christmas, when it comes to nail art designs.

Christmas glittery stripes nail art
Red and White nail art with Christmas cherry
Cherry nail art design for girls
Christmas Cherry Nail art Designs

In simple words, you can consider every single and special thing of Christmas whenever you are going to get an idea of astonishing nail art design for this special day.

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