Miley Cyrus new Dog Tattoo 2014 Pictures Appeared on Instagram

Miley Cyrus got a new tattoo on her arm pit on 5 July 2014. She got this tattoo in the memory of her dog “Floyd”. She has recently adopted a new Shetland sheepdog named Emu. But it doesn’t mean that she has forgotten the death of her old dog. She is quite emotional, so never want to forget her sweet dog who died in April. Miley updated her new tattoo pictures on instagram, she is topless in some pictures. Let’s have a close look at Miley Cyrus new dog tattoo 2014.

miley cyrus new dog tattoo 2014

She got not only the dog tattoo but also has a message that reads “With a little help from my fwends”. Miley isn’t alone who got Floyd ink on the body, her friend Wayne Coyne and Katy Weaver also have the matching tattoo of Floyd. They ghot this ink during a house party in Los Angeles on  July 5.

miley cyrus and her friends got dog tattoos

Miley already have already 24 different tattoos and she won’t end with her tattoo craze. If you didn’t see Miley Cyrus all tattoos before then you can check them first. You would be able to explore not only the designs but also meanings of her tattoo. But first you would like to have a look at Miley Cyrus new dog tattoo 2014. Check them below.

miley cyrus dogs miley cyrus dog floyd tattoo share with friends dog and miley cyrus

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