Mesmerizing Tear Makeup Ideas , Let Colors Express Your Pain

blue tear makeup art idea

Do you want to get rid of your pain? Don’t want to give your mind control in the hand of your sorrow? It’s indeed right time to start playing with colors. Instead of keeping pain inside, you can throw it outside by painting your face with art. I’m suggesting you to try this makeup art because it’s a way to say “goodbye to pain” and welcome “creativity and fun”. There is no need to remain in the gloomy mood for whole day and week. If something is wrong and you can’t help it anyway then don’t need to think about fixing the wrong thing. Your task should be get rid of negative energies and it would be possible when you try any of these fabulous tear makeup ideas.purple and pink tear makeup

Black Tear Make up Art

When you look at the picture, you think that a snake like tear is flowing our from the eyes. You need to try this makeup when you are feeling pain due to some acts of your enemies. Actually, this makeup represents clearly how pathetically a person has hit by sorrow.  You only need to know how to make use of black shades and your eyeliner for portraying the peak of pain via your makeup.

black and red tear makeup

Purple Tear Makeup Art

It is indeed one of the trendy and classy  makeup ideas. You need to make a right balance of fuchsia and purple shades for painting tears on your face. This makeup shows extent of inner pain to some extent, though not completely. It wouldn’t be hard for you to get this look. You can use liquid eye-shades for getting the perfect look, no need to rely on matte eye shadows. This look would be incomplete without light collar single shade grey contact lenses.

amazing tear makeup idea

Turquoise Tear Eye Makeup

This makeup clearly express the pain that you are hiding in your heart for some reason. You need to use liquid eye shade paint for getting the same look. Good thing about this tear makeover is that it doesn’t want much effort on your part. You only need to apply turquoise shade pain on your upper and lower eye-lids and then to make tear drops. Peach matte lipstick will give this makeup a finish look.

blue tear makeup art idea

Red and Black Fascinating outlook

The girls who have felt the end limit of pain can surely create such a heart-melting tear eye makeup. There should be a perfect blend of red and black eye shadows, if you really want to mimic this look. You surely need to spend one hour on your single eyes as finishing of makeup is completely dependent on the blending of dark red with black. It’s really hard to control black eye shadow, it’s advisable to apply a little. Apply matte shades on eyes, while make blood tear with liquid eye shadows.

red and black tear makeup for girls

Blood drop from Eye Makeup

Sometimes, when you are in pain then you imagine that blood is dropping out of your eyes instead of water. When someone really special kill your emotions then it’s right time to create blood drop eye makeup. Your task is to apply light copper eye shades on the upper eyelids, enhance the beauty of eyelashes with light coat of mascara and then to start making your killer blood tears. Use hot red shiny liquid eye glitter for painting the story of your grief.

red tear makeup artAmazing Skyblue tears makeup art

It is one of the robust  ideas that you must try. The beauty of this makeup is completely dependent on the color of contact lenses. As you can see, model has crystal blue contact lenses in the eyes. Color of tear is exactly alike with eyeball color. That’s mean you first need to wear lenses and then to start creating matching color tears for getting the perfect magnetic look of this makeup. Watery splashes of sky blue tears look realistic, without any doubt.

blue tear makeup paintBlood Tears in Eye Makeup art

When a person touches peak level of sorrow and pain then he feels that his tears has ended and blood has started shedding from the eyes. I order to portray “End level of pain”, you need to create blood tears in the eyes by using blood matched color eye shades. Always prefer thick liquid eye shadow as it will give you the most promising look.

blood red tear makeupUK Flag shades with tear eye Makeup

This eye makeup is among the creative tear makeup ideas. You can paint your eyes with UK flag tears on national day. Your task is to first make flag on both eyes by using blue, red and white eye shadows. Once you done with flag painting on eyes, you need to make tear drops from right, left and middle of your lower eye lids.  Again you need to use liquid eye shadows for making little tears of eyes.

eye tear makeup idea

So what are you waiting for? Don’t let your emotions get your control, tell them you can get over whenever you want. Make fun of your sorrow and pain through these amazing art ideas on tear makeover.

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