Make British Flag Nail Art Step-by-Step

make british flag on nails

So you want to demonstrate love for your own country? If yes, then you can portray the love effortlessly by getting British flag nail art design. When you think about making a flag on your nails then you think it is going to be a difficult task. However, it is not really hard to accomplish this task. If you have a good guide then you would be able to make wonderful flag nail art in a matter of seconds. I’m here with step-by-step easy nail art guide of creating British Flag on your nail. If you follow this tutorial, you can get your lovely country flag on your nail within a few minutes.

make british flag on nails

How to Get British Flag Nail Art?

This is an easy nail art and doesn’t involve many steps. Before I start the guide, I want you to collect some required things such as:

  • Nail polish: Blue, Red, White
  • Nail Art Brush or a tooth pick
  • Base Coat
  • Top Coat
  • White paper strip

Steps for Getting British Flag Nail art Design

In order to make a lovely flag on your nail you only need to follow 8 easy steps.

Step No.1 Apply base coat on your nail. Let it dry and then fix a strip of white paper on your nail in such a way that your nail divided into two portion 1/3 tip and 2/3 base.

Step No.2 Apply blue color on your tip of nail.

Step No.3 Now take either a thin nail art brush or tooth pick, dip it into white color nail polish and make a white straight and horizontal line  your blue nail polish.

step by step british flag nail art

Step No.4 Now you need to draw a vertical line on blue nail polish in a way that your blue tip portion get divided into two equal parts.

Step No.5 It’s time to draw two diagonal line next to vertical line with white nail polish. You can make this line either with toothpick or nail brush that should be dipped into nail polish. Let the white nail polish dry.

Step No.6 Now you need to take a tooth pick, dip it into red nail polish and then draw a horizontal line inside the white horizontal line.You also need to draw a thin red line in the middle of your tip inside white nail polish line.

step by step tutorial for british flag nail art

Step No.7  Draw a line with red nail polish inside two sides white diagonal lines of British Flag.

Step No.8 Apply top coat and you are done with amazingly beautiful British flag nail art design.

bristish flag nail art guide

Tips to Follow when you Create British Flag Nail Art

  • Don’t use nail art brush, if you are not a expert.
  • Beginner nail art designer should draw lines with a tooth pick because it is easy to handle.
  • Let first line dry before you draw another line. If you make this design in hurry then you won’t be able to get good results.
  • You can also accentuate this design with glitter or rhinestones.
  • Remove the paper strip only when you are done with nail art. The main purpose of fixing it is just to get best finish.

Happy Easy Nail art Designing!!!

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