Long hairstyles for women inspired by Celebrities

Demi Moore long layers hair cut

Long hair is classic and chic. The long hairstyles for women is a style  that never gets out of fashion, as everyone from rockers to royalty have worn it over the years, but it is always in the details that keeps the look fresh and modern. Whether is layered, bold bangs and fringes or angled ends, these subtle shifts take the fashion to the next level, creating a style that is worth admiring and( and maintaining ). Here we write down the most stylish lengthy hairstyles to want this moment.
Demi Moore
Demi Moore have one of the most beautiful long hairstyles for women. Demi’s long, glossy locks are her signature look, although she had her hair shaved for the 1997’s movie G.I Jane and experimented with a pixie crop for her movie “Ghost”, but it is her lustrous tresses that men and women all over the world admire her for.

Demi Moore long curl hairstyles

Demi Moore Smooth long curls

Demi Moore long layers hair cut

Demi Moore long layers hairstyle

Demi Moore long curly hairstyle

Demi Moore long hair with curly edges

Nicole Kidman
The Oscar-winning actress has road-tested a large number of styles and colors(she went from brunette to blonde couple of times), and a few times from having a  loose curls hairstyle to name. Her  long hairstyle was so good Nicole wore it for years, while she retained a name for a women with some of the best looking long hairstyles.

straight hairstyles of Nicole Kidman

Kidman’s Straight long hair

nicole kidman long straight hairstyles

Nicole Kidman’s long hairstyle

long curly hairstyle of Nicole kidman

Nicole’s Fantastic long curls

nicole kidman long straight hairstyles

Nicole Kidman’s long hairstyle

Jessica Alba
Everything about Jessica Alba is picture-perfect: including her hair. Whether she is going for that sleep up do, a straight sleek style or sensuous soft waves, Jessica Alba’s hair is top notch.

Jessica Alba long curly hairstyles

Jessica Alba long curly hairstyle

Jessica Alba long straight hairstyles

Jessica Alba long straight hairstyle

long curly hairstyle of Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba Long curly hairstyle

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston’s hair has been source of fascination over the years since she made everyone get a copy of “The Rachel” look. Fifteen years may have passed but she is still a hair inspiration for women from around the world. Her middle-parted mane mixed with a gorgeous golden-glow is looking amazing while still managing to look effortless and not overdone.

Jennifer Aniston long hairstyles

Jennifer Aniston Long layers

Shaggy waves of Jennifer Aniston

Wavy long hairstyle of Aniston

jennifer aniston braid hairstyle

Jennifer Aniston long hairstyle with braid

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker has become a modern-day, world-renowned fashion icon for the woman all around the globe as Carrie in the “Sex and the City. But it wasn’t just Sarah’s clothes that made an impression, her long hairstyle also dazzled with her bubbly and sexy blonde-tinted hair, which it has a feeling that is sexy without trying too hard. That is hair with attitude and we love the way it looks.

Sarah Jessica Parker long hairstyles

Sarah Jessica Parker long hairstyle

Sarah Jessica Parker long curly hairstyles

Sarah Jessica Parker long curls

jessica parker long curly hairstyle

Parker’s Loose curly hairstyle



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