Little Girls Christmas Hairstyles with Adorable Bows

ponytail hairstyle for christmas

Your little sweetheart always like to look robust at Christmas day. When a girl has short hair then her mom often searches for the way of adoring it. In this situation, it is advisable to pick colorful and cute hair bows. There is a wide variety of Christmas hair bows available in the market. Your task is to pick a bows that matches with her Christmas dress. Normally, you need to pick red, white and pink bows for her as these colors exactly match with Christmas theme party. Let’s start digging into stylish and trendy little girls Christmas hairstyles that are adored with wonderful hair bows.

Dual-Ponytail with Small Red Bows: Excellent for short hair

Cute Double side ponytail looks amazing with red little bows. This hairstyle is perfectly suitable for your sweetheart, if she has short hair.

ponytail hairstyle for christmas

French Braid with Red Bows and Green Ribbon: Suitable for long hair

Side French round braided hairstyle could be another choice for you sweetheart, if she has long hair.After making a round french braid, you need to pick green ribbon, red little flower and red flowers for decorating this hairstyle.

christmas braided hairstyle with red and green bows

Very Short hairstyle with Hot Pink Hair Bows

If your daughter has taper hairstyle then don’t need to worry. You can still enhance her cuteness by picking a big hair bow in either pink or red color.


short hair with cute pink hair bow

Curly Hairstyle with Red Flowery Bow

You can curl your little daughter hair with hair iron and then to adore this casual hairstyle with a big red flower bow.

christmas curly hairstyle with flower bow

Double Simple Braid with White Bows and Red Ribbon

It is among the most simplest yet perfect Christmas hairstyle for little girls.  you need to make two side ponytails and then to combine them in the middle with a red hot ribbon.Once you done, give this hairstyle a finishing look by adding pure white bows.

braided christmas hairstyles with white bow

Simple Round Braided Hairstyle with Green Ribbon and Red Bows

You need to make a simple sleek round shape simple braid of your daughter and then to adore this hairstyle with green ribbon and red hot ribbon bow.

braided round hairstyle with red bow

Taper hair cut with Pink/Red Flowery Bow

Do you want to give a perfect Christmas look to your new-born baby? It is also possible. You need to pick the biggest flowery red, pink and white hair bow for her tapered hairstyle

Little girl hot pink hair bowFringe Ponytails with Silver Grey Big hair bows

Below you can find two kinds of hairstyles. First one is simple curly hairstyle with silver crown. Second is fringe hairstyle with two sided ponytail. At the top of middle head, you can see glittery silver grey hair bow for decoration.

ponytail hairstyle for christmas

Now it’s up to you to pick any of these little girls Christmas hairstyles that is decorated with colorful bows.

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