Let Your Hand Shine Through Gold Nail Art Designs

metallic golden and black nails

Are you going to wear a golden color outfit on a special party? I suggest you to wait for awhile since I’m going to provide you best ideas of gold nail art designs. Although gold nail polish look stunning all alone yet you can add some flair to gold color by combining it with other stunning colors. In case you do some nail arts then your friends will admire your creative skills. It’s not hard to do this kind of art. You just need to spend 20-30 minutes on your nails and your hand will grab attention of all due to its startling golden glow. Let’s start dipping into 20 fascinating golden nail arts.

golden black nail art designs gorgirls

1.Gold Black nails with Rhinstone

One of the best way of designing your nails is to apply black nail polish on base and then make a diagonal line in the middle of each nail. Fill this line with thick coat of shiny golden nail polish.Don’t forget to fix some silver rhinestones that will give a perfect compliment to this nail art design.

black and golden nail art

2.Gold and Blue nail art designs

Girls who like to create unique designs on nails would surely prefer it. It’s not hard to make the curvy or round lines on each nail. There is only a need to draw lines and different shapes in a clear way otherwise you won’t be able to get a beautiful gold  nail art design.

golden and blue nail art

3.Blue, Red and Gold nail art designs

It would be a fun to try this nail art design. Your task is to apply red nail polish on two fingers and then apply dark blue nail polish on remaining three fingers. Next your task is to grab golden aluminum paper and fix it through nail glue on your nails. Bravo ! you are done with one of the amazing and unique gold nails.

triple color golden nail art designs

4.Golden Black Tree branches nail art

I think it is among the simplest nail art designs that you can try. Your task is to pick a glittery golden nail polish. Apply it on your nails in a clear manner. Now pick middle or ring finger of your hand and start making tree branches by a match stick dipped into black nail polish. Don’t forget to fix a silver rhinestone on the root of this branch.

simple gold nail art designs

5.Golden Leopard Nail Art

No doubt, leopard nail art designs look simply adorable. Many girls think that it is hard to get perfect this design but it is not the fact. Your task is to apply a metallic gold nail polish as a base. Then you need to take a match stick dip into the black nail polish and start making leopard body similar marks on your nails. Make tiny circles and fill them either with silver of black nail polish.

golden and black leopard nails

6.Aqua Green and Gold nail art designs

You must have gold dry glitter, if you want to get this perfect look. First you need to apply aqua green nail polish on your four finger. Apply golden nail polish on one finger. You need to take a pinch of golden glitter and spray it on your wet nail polish. In this way, you can get this amazing golden nail art design.

gold and aqua green nail art

7.Gold and Red Nail art design

Apply red nail polish on nails. As you can see in the image, you need to apply glittery gold nail polish on tip of one nail and base of another nail. You need to make a perfect golden arc. Next to golden arc, you can make silver arc. Now create three golden color dot in the middle of each nail and you are done.

gold and red nail art designs

8. Dull Gold and White Nail Art

In case you don’t like shiny gold then definitely you can go for one of the impressive dull gold nail art designs. Apply dull gold nail polish on each nail and then make a pattern given in the image on the tip of each nail through white nail polish. You need to use a match stick instead of nail polish brush for getting the exact thin pattern.

white and gold nail art

9.Gold Glittery Tree Nail Art 

Apply golden glittery nail polish on nails of four finger. Once you done, you need to apply dark red nail polish on one nail and then make a Christmas tree through green nail polish. Don’t forget to decorate this tree through a golden star nail art accessory.

golden, red and green nail art designs

10.Gold nail art with Rhinestone

Apply a base shiny coat on your nail and then apply light gold silver glittery nail polish on tip of each nail. You are free to decorate one or all nails with different color rhinestone. Normally, black, red, green and blue jeweled colored rhinestone look perfect with gold nails.

golden nail art designs

11.Gold and Black Leopard Nail art

It is surely one of the best black and gold nails that one must try. You need to apply golden nail polish on the base while use black and silver nail polish for making the perfect leopard body marks.

golden and black leopard nail art designs


12.Gold, Red and Green Nail Art

In case you want to get this nail art design then you need to apply each color nail polish in a diagonal way instead of vertical. You can add flair to this nail art design by fixing some dry glitter on the tip where you apply gold nail polish.

gold,red and green nail art

13.Gold and Lime Green nail art

It is among the simplest green and gold nail art that one can try any time. Apply lime green nail polish on four nail and apply a thick coat of golden nail polish on one middle finger. Decorate

lime green and gold nail art

14.Gold and Maroon nail design

If you don’t want fancy designs and need something really neat then I suggest you to try this simple nail art. Apply dark maroon nail polish on four nails and apply dark golden nail polish on one nail. In order to intensify the gold nail polish look, you can spray dry glitter over it.

glittery golden and marroon nail art

15.Gold and Grey Fantasy nail art

It is one of the startling gold nail designs that need your time and attention. You need big  rectangular gold stone,dry gold glitter and multicolor rhinestones. First apply grey nail polish on four nails. Use cosmetic glue for setting rectangular big gold stone on the tip of pinky and middle finger nails. Apply gold nail polish on one finger and spray dry glitter on wet polish. As you can see in the image, you need to make a triangle on one nail and fill it with flat multicolor rhinestones. Make another triangle on one nail of second hand, apply black nail polish on its base and fill it with transparent nail polish. Decorate it with four big rectangular gold stone.

grey and golden nail art designs

16.Golden and Black grey nail designs

Apply base nail polish and make leaf like shapes on the tips of nails. Fill these leaves with gold nail polish. Apply a shinning transparent nail polish at the end.

golden and grey nail art designs17.Metallic Gold and Black nail art

If you are going to attend a formal party and need a refined look of nail art then you need to pick metallic golden nail polish. Apply gold nail polish on all nails and use black nail polish for making the zebra body designs.

metallic golden and black nails18.Black and Gold  Geometrical pattern nail art designs

Apply dull gold black nail polish as a base polish and use black gold nail polish for making tiny geometrical shapes on the nail art. You don’t need to make designs on tip of nails.

golden and black pattern nail art

 19. Easy to make Gold nail Designs

For getting this design, you need to apply black nail polish as base and then use golden nail polish in a diagonal shape. You can use a match stick for making a perfect line next to diagonal filled gold section of nail. It is quite simple nail art design and anyone can try it

simple golden and black nail art

 20. Golden with black Dotted nail art

Apply shiny gold nail polish as a base on four. Take a match stick, dip it into black nail polish and make tiny black polka dots on three nails. Spray dry glitter on one nail. Apply black nail polish a nail that has been left. Dip match stick into gold nail polish and draw two thin lines close to tip of nails.

gold and black polka dot nail art designs


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