Inspiring Colorful hairstyles of Nicki Minaj

nicki minaj rainbow hairstyle

Nicki Minaj is a multi-talented girl with immense sense of Fashion. She is an American rapper, music writer, singer and actress. She knows how to hold the breath of her fans through her rhythmic raps and songs. She is not only a good singer but also a very fashionable girl. Her female fans like to copycat her hairstyles from time to time. One thing that makes her special or somehow bold is that she is ready to dye her hair with any color. It is common to see an actress and singer with blonde color but what is uncommon is a celebrity with parrot or orange color hairstyles; but it is nicki Minaj who often appears with unique colored hair. Today, I decided to highlight some exceptionally inspiring colorful hairstyles of Nicki Minaj. So, let’s take a look.

curly blonde hairstyle of nicki minaj

Orange Wavy and Bob hairstyles

Nicki Minaj likes to accept challenges in her life and it can be proved through her unusual colored hairstyles. Celebrities feel it uncomfortable to wear odd colored hair or wigs but Nicki Minaj is an exception. She appeared not only with orange sleek straight bob haircut but also orange short wavy hairstyle. No doubt, she wore these uncommon colored hair with grace. She looks terrific in both hairstyles.

nicki orange wavy hairstyle

nicki minaj straight orange bob hairstyle

Parrot Long and Short Bob hairstyles

Parrot is another uncommon hair color but it seems that Nicki loves to grab attention of her fans not only through her voice but also via hairstyles. She wore parrot medium bob hairstyle with blonde highlights. She loves to get sleek straight fringe with her bob and it is one common thing that you can find in every second uncommon hairstyles of Nicki. She also wore curly parrot medium hair. Curly hair definitely defines facial cut of celebrity to a great extent.

nicki minaj parrot short wavy hairstyle

nicki minaj parrot and blonde bob hairstyle

Leopard Hairstyles of Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is indeed a daring beauty, she appears with leopard blonde hair many times. Although fashion freak criticizes her leopard hairstyles many time but fact is that this hairstyle is indeed amazing. No girl get the courage to follow this hairstyle, no matter how bold she is. She always make leopard body marks on blonde hair.

nicki minaj leopard hairstyle idea

nicki minaj colorful hairstylenicki minaj leopard hairstyles


Black Smooth Hairstyles

Normally, Nicki appears with colored hair but it doesn’t mean she never appears with her black shiny hair. She also gives her follower a chance to try amazingly graceful black bob or curly hairstyles. She appears with sleek and shiny short bob that enhances her black beauty to a great extent. She looks indeed impressive when she wears long curly hairs and keep all curls on one shoulder.

nicki minaj black short bob hairstylenicki minaj black long wavy hairstyleblack long hairstyle of nicki minaj

Pink Wavy and Straight hairstyles

Nicki looks simply stunning when she wears pink wavy hairstyles. Good thing about her wavy hairstyle is that she every wave is quite clear. Another pink hairstyle that she wears is long straight with short fringe. Girls who are going to attend a special theme party can surely give a try to one of both pink hairstyles.

pink wavy hairstyle of nicki minaj

nicki pink long straight hairstyles

pink wavy hairstyles of nicki minaj

Blue Curly hairstyles

Nicki never minds to pour dark blue color on her hair. You will surely agree with me that blue color suits to this music Diva somehow. Her outlooks gets changed completely with heavy blue curls. Nicki also appears with an impressive double-tone hairstyle in which top portion of hair was dye with blue shade while rest of hair had light pink color. She pinned up top portion of her while bottom part had catchy waves look.

nicki minaj blue and pink haistyles

nicki minaj medium blue wavy hairstyle

nicki minaj blue and pink wavy hairnicki minah blue long straight hair

Rainbow hairstyles of Nicki Minaj

Nicki didn’t like to pour only one color on her hair, actually she added more than one color several times. Her rainbow hairstyle became popular among her female fans even male fans also got inspiration from her multi-colored hairstyles. She often wear long straight hair with sleek fringe whenever she has to appear with rainbow hairstyle.

nicki minaj rainbow hairstyles

nicki minaj rainbow hairstyle

Grey Medium Bob Cut

Nicki looked very fascinating and trendy when she wore grey medium bob hairstyle. This hairstyle adds a charm factor into her face and personality. It is a long graduated bob hairstyle.

nicki minaj long grey bob hairstyle

Dark Green Long Straight Hair

Nicki loves to keep changing not only the color but also the length of her hair. Long straight silky hair suits her the most but she often appears with medium straight green hair. She likes to experiment with her hairstyle, so she dyes lower part of her straight blonde hair with green color. In this way, she gets half blonde and half green hairstyle that is simply exceptional idea.

nicki minaj long green straight hair

nicki minaj green and blonde hairstyle

Maroon Straight Bob Cut

Bob seems to be the first choice of Nicki when it comes to hairstyling. She appears with startling and sleek Maroon bob hairstyles as well.

nicki minaj long maroon bob hairstyle

Blonde hairstyles

Nicki loves to get blonde shaded hair. When you check her blonde hairstyles, you would be able to find many variation. Sometimes, she appears with blonde straight bob while other time she appeared with tight curly blonde hair. She also looks adorable when she wears blonde wavy hairstyle. As i told you bob is amongst the favorite haircut of Nicki Minaj, so she also appeared with short straight blonde bob hairstyle and this hairstyle remains popular among her fans for many years.

nicki minaj long blonde wavy hairstyle

nicki minaj blonde straight haistyle

nicki minaj short blonde bob hairstyle

nicki minaj blonde tight curl hairstyle

Purple Straight hair with Blonde highlights

Another unusual colored hairstyle of Nicki Minaj is purple straight long hair with blonde highlights. This hairstyle makes her shine in the crowd.

nicki minaj purple and blonde highlights

Now it’s your time to tell me which one of these colorful hairstyles of Nicki Minaj you like the most? Would you like to try any of these hairstyles? share with me.


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