Incredible Ideas of Punk Hairstyles for Girls

curly brown fro hawk hairstyle

Girls who listen to the Ramones or Dropkick Murphys or simply like pop music generally love to opt for short punk hairstyle. There is no need to care about symmetry when it comes to these specific hairstyles. Girls can embrace razor cut edges with messy and trendy punk haircut. Those who are planning to carve out punk hairstyle must have to rely heavily on hair care products since without waxes, gels, muds and serum you won’t get the desirable look.

orange faux hawk for girls

Cultural Influence on Punk Fashion

It is generally believed that punk hairstyles for girls had roots in punk subculture. But it is good to know that the punk fashion also got influence from various other cultures and art movements such as glam rock, greasers, rudeboys, skinheads, art school students and moods. Thanks to this influence, today girls and guys are able to find numerous quirky variations in this fashion. There are tons of styles and variations that make it easy for the girls to pick one that suits them the most.

red mohawk hairstyle for girls

blonde punk hairstyle blonde punk hairstyle

Three Aspects of Punk hair styling

There are three important aspects in punk fashion.

First aspect is color; we all know that punk fashion is incomplete without vibrant colors. Normally, singers die their hair into orange, blonde, green and blue. It is indeed important to pick bright and vibrant colors because punk fashion would be simply incomplete without them. Common colors of punk style hair for girls are orange, purple, pink, blue and red. In order to intensify the look of this hairstyle, many girls opt for highlight. Some girls dye their hair in light color and go for vibrant highlight while others dye hair in vibrant color and get light color highlights. No doubt, highlights define this hairstyle to a great extent. There are also some cases when girls get highlight only on edges, crown or bangs not on their full hair; this style is unique but quite attractive.

brown highlighted faux hawk for girls

blonde punk for girls


color faux hawk for girls

Cut is another important aspect of punk hairstyles for girls. Today, you are able to find diverse haircut for simply punk fashion. Shaggy cut seems to be the most common. In this haircut, hairstylist offers long shaggy look on top while buzz cut the lower half hair of head. Another variation comes in the form of irregular and asymmetrical punk hairstyle. In this cut, hairstylist divides hair into two sections. She keeps one side of hair long while cutting short second side of hair. Some hairstylist tapers the side hair and creates different patterns and design with the blades. This haircut offers wild look.

red hot punk hairstyle

purple punk hairstyles for girls red punk rock hairstyle

Style is third important aspect of punk hairstyles for girls. These days, girls are able to browse tons of styles. The most common style variation for punk are Mohawk, faux hawk, fro hawk and dread hawk.

irregular punk hairstyle

blonde punk for girls

Mohawk Punk hairstyle

It is among the most common and classic style variation of punk fashion. In this hairstyle, hair stands vertical from the top of the head to the back in the center. In order to prominent the vertical hair, hairstylist shave the side hair. Girls need to use gel for spiking up the hair. They normally prefer medium length hair that can be extended forward for getting a sweep of bangs. Girls with long hair need to apply mouse from roots to tips and then start pushing the hair in opposite direction for getting asymmetrical looks.

blue mohawk hairstyles for girls

orange mohawk hairstyles

big mohawk hairstyle

Fly away look

This style is usually preferred by rock stars. There is no specific style of punk but hair fly in the air. Hair strands are kept loose just to offer an eye-catching look.

shaggy punk haistyle

fly away punk hairstyle for girls fly away punk hairstyle

Faux Hawk

It is considered one of the coolest punk hairstyles for girls. Girls who can not carry bold Mohawk can surely opt for its trendy variation named as faux hawk. This hairstyle is a nice replica of Mohawk but you don’t need to lose much hair strands from sides. Girls are able to give a startling look to their faux hawk by using temporary hair colors.

short faux hawk hairstyle for girls

curly faux hawk hairstyle for girls

spiky faux hawk of miley cyrus

Fro Hawk

Girls who have curly or kinky hair can also give a try to rock-punk hairstyle. For getting this hairstyle, you need to wash your hair and then to use hair conditioner. Apply thick conditioner throughout your curls from root to tip. Finger comb your hair for getting a messy yet sleek look. Now use hair wax or thick gel and start slicking back your side and define the curls on the top. Push back all curls from the face and let them hair dry. In this way, you would be able to get wild fro hawk look.

curly brown fro hawk hairstyle

girls fro hawk hairstyle

fro hawk hairstyle


Almost all punk style hair for girls require constant maintenance. Since this hairstyle needs razor cut short hair that grows out quickly, so you need to trim the hair every month for maintaining the edgy look of this hairstyle. Girls can also change the colors from time to time. This hairstyle would also require you to spend on hair wax, serum, mouse, gel and other hair styling products on monthly basis.

girls mohawk hairstyles

black braided punk hairstyle for girls

In short, punk hairstyles come in different variations and styles. This variation allows the girls to select a hairstyle that matches with her face cut and personality.

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