How to remove Dark Circles? Follow 8 Beauty Tips

how to treat dark circles and puffy eyes

It is a common question that is asked by almost every girl. Puffy eyes affect your facial beauty look to a great extent. Before we apply makeup, we will first have to remove  dark circles; otherwise the result of our makeup isn’t very smooth and flawless. Every girl must have an idea how to ditch her eyes puffiness and circles, because we have to encounter this situation sometime in our lives. So, it is time to explore some eye beauty tips.

how to treat dark circles and puffy eyes

dark circles tips

Tip No.1 Keep a Pillow Under your Head

Sometimes, we sleep more than our normal routine. In this case, we see puffy eyes or dark circles. The basic reason of eye puffiness is that we are lying down in the sack for more hours, so fluid can pool under our eyes and thus cause swelling or rings. An instant way to end eye puffiness or circles is to prop up your head on a pillow at night, so fluid will never accumulate under your eyes. Some girls don’t take pillow while sleeping, this isn’t a good approach. Always use it for a comfy sleep at night.

get rid of puffy eyes

Tip No.2  Use Black Tea Bags

Make a black tea and enjoy its sips. Don’t waste its tea-bag, because you can use it for treatment of under eye circles and eye bags. When it gets cold after a few minutes, then you have to grab a cushion under your head, close your eyes and then set these black tea sachets over your eyelids. Actually, tannin in the tea shrinks swollen blood vessels; therefore you can get rid of eye bags via this eye beauty tip.

remove eye bags and puffiness

Tip No.3 Apply Eye Cream

The girls, who have dark circles from a long time, can easily treat them with an eye cream. Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Daily Anti-Fatigue eye cream is very effective. You have to apply a few dots of eye cream under your eyes. Always apply an eye cream gently under your eyes because this area of eye is very sensitive. Though I mentioned an eye cream but it doesn’t mean you only have to use it. There are tons of eye cream products available in the market. You can use them.

treat dark circles

Tip No.4 Use Tomato and Lemon Juice

Mix juices of tomato and lemon and then apply it around dark areas of your eyes almost two times a day. This mixture will lighten dark circle under the eyes, not immediately but with the passage of time. It is among the best treatment for dark circles in almost every home. You need to be very careful while applying this mixture under eyes, don’t let the juice running into your eyes.

mask for dark circles

Tip No.5 Set Cucumbers Slices

Close your eyes and cover the eyelids with thin slices of cucumber for almost 15-20 minutes. This will soothe the tired eyes. It is indeed the best remedy for eye bags. Actually, cucumber juice increase circulation around the eyes, so it lightens the dark circles as well. You can also apply cucumber juice around your eyes for getting quick results.

how to remove dark circles

Tip No.6 opt for Green Diet

Your diet also affects your eye appearance, so it is advisable to opt for green diet such as green vegetables and fruits.  Always eat seasonal fruits and vegetables such as oranges, carrots, brinjals, mangoes, oranges, strawberry, etc. You can easily remove dark circles with green diet.

green diet for dark circles

Tip No.7 Always remove eye makeup

Many girls sleep while they have heavy makeup on their eyes, it is indeed a bad practice. You have to remove mascara, false eyelashes, eyeliner, etc from your eyes. Heavy eye makeup is also a reason of eye bags. It is one of the best tips to remove dark circles.

best tips for dark circles

Tip No.8 Try ice bags

If you want to treat puffy eyes and eye circles then you should apply ice packs daily on your skin once you wake up. This cooling exercise will soothe the blood capillaries under your eyes and increase the blood flow, now extra blood or fluid will remain there, so you get clear and light skin under eyes.

remove dark circles

If you follow these 8 tips then you are able to see very clear and light skin under your eyes. Now don’t wait anymore, go and remove dark circles.

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