How to Do Geisha Makeup? Tips and Ideas

Geisha Makeup has its root in Japanese history and culture. Normally, women do this sort of makeup on Halloween. People often confused about geisha and consider them a prostitute-which is not a reality. A Geisha is a female who entertain other with dance, art, music and tea or dinner serving. If you are interested in geisha Japanese style makeup then I can surely help you in this regard.

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How to Do Geisha Makeup? Tips and Ideas

How to do geisha makeup geisha makeup style

Geisha Makeup step by step guide

Geisha Makeup step by step guide

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How to Do Geisha Makeup?

Here are some steps you need to follow.

#1 Apply very heavy white foundation on your face. You don’t need to apply foundation on neck just to create a mask like appearance. Your dark circles would surely get covered with heavy foundation, so don’t need to apply eye concealer.

#2 Eye makeup is usually done with black and red colors. But certainly you can use some other colors as well such as purple, yellow, green, etc. Color must be bright.You need to apply red eyeshadow and then create dramatic effects with black eyeshadow. Dark black eyeliner is usually used for creating a perfect geisha style eyes. Eyeliner flick is the main element of overall makeup. You need to use black eyeshadows for lining the crease.

#3 You can use heavy thick eyelashes either on above or lower eyelid. Second option create perfect Geisha makeup effect.

#4 Nose contouring is not done with standard brown powder, instead you need to use black lip or eye pencil. This nose contour usually connects with eye crease black line for making perfect mask appearance.

#5 For enhancing the beauty of cheeks, red blush-on is used not only on cheeks but also on forehead and temple point.

#6 When it comes to lipstick, you need to use black outline and then to fill lips with dark red glossy lipstick. However, there are some other variations in lipstick style of geisha makeup are also available. Making small red heart in the middle of lips with red lipstick is very common. Some girls mix black and red with white lipstick-usually created with power eyeshadows.

Check some cool ideas of Geisha Makeup

Normally, aged women opt for geisha makeup just to tell all the world that they are mature and they can show more of their beauty. In Western and Eastern culture, aging is regarded as downfall in beauty but Japanese have some opposite point of view. They consider age a gift which draws out more beauty and elegance.

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Japanese Geisha Makeup adored with stones and face paint

Japanese Geisha Makeup adored with stones and face paint

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Geisha makeup: Blue eyes and red lips

Geisha makeup: Blue eyes and red lips

geisha makeup steps geisha makeup tutorial steps for geisha makeup

So, would you like to show off your inner beauty at optimal level in your 50s or 60s with this kind of makeup? Share with us.



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