Get Leopard Eye Makeup and Roar Via Eyes

mustard leopard eye makeup

Today, I need attention of all creative girls because I’m going to shed light on Leopard eye makeup. Many of you have already seen this makeup and might think that it is hard to apply such makeup. Well, fact is that it isn’t really hard.There is only a few points that you need to consider while doing this animal print makeup on your eyes. Generally, girls get this makeup on Halloween but it doesn’t mean that you have to try it only on this day. You can also apply it on a special party or simply for fun. So, let’s see how we can do this makeup in five simple steps.

mustard leopard eye makeup

Step No.1 Prepare your eyes

Your task is to apply some liquid foundation on a puff and apply it gently on your eyes. Liquid foundation is always good to get clear and smooth look that can’t be obtained via a dry power base. Once you done with foundation, you need to apply eye concealer for hiding dark your eye circles. Get a light shade eye primer, white is the best in many cases. Apply it smoothly on top and bottom eyelid gently.

leopard makeup for eyes

yellow and brown leopard eyes

leopard eyes

Step No.2 Apply Main Shade

For normal leopard eyes , we use orange or mustard eye shadow. However, you can go for an exception definitely. However, you don’t need to pick a very dark shade otherwise you won’t be able to get a perfect and desirable look. I suggest you to try violet, turquoise, rose red, green, etc since they are easy to handle and surely offer you what you need. No matter what shade you choose, your task is to blend it as much as you can. There is no need to use a combination of different colored shades.

red and gold leopard eyes leopard eye makeup for girls

golden leopard eyes

Step No.3 Start Making Leopard Body Marks

I think it is the most important step of your Leopard Makeup and you need to do it carefully. Your task is to make tiny marks that you normally found on the body of a leopard. Normally, girls go for small circles but you don’t need to make a perfect round circle. You should try to copy the exact leopard body marks. It is advisable to first make these marks on a white paper and then on your eyes. You need to use black eye marker or pencil for making these marks. These marks should be all over on your upper eyes. Try to keep adequate spaces between each mark.

grey leopard makeupgold and brown leopard eyes leopard makeup for girsl

Step No.4 Apply Black Eye Liner

It is better to enhance the look of Leopard Eye Makeup through black eye liner.You need to apply thick liner not a thin one. Cat eye liner will also compliment this eye makeup. Apply black eye liner on top and bottom eye lid. Some girls don’t apply eyeliner but fact is that it’s hard to get the perfect sharp leopard eyes look without eyeliner.

green leopard eye makeupgold and brown leopard eyes

Step No.5 Apply Mascara

The girls who apply orange or yellow shades as the main eye shades for this kind of makeup normally opt for brown or golden Eye mascara; this makeup looks simply classy and wonderful. However, when you don’t know whether colored mascara will look good with your eye makeup or not then you need to simply apply black eye mascara. It looks good with every eye shadow color. You must apply at least two coast of eye mascara for getting thick eye lashes look.In case your eye lashes aren’t heavy and thick then you can also go for false eye lashes.

girls leopard eyes

black leopard eyes beauty

I’m sure that it won’t be hard for you to do leopard eye makeup after following these five simple and easy steps. Creative girls would love to try this animal paint makeup as it has many chunks of enjoyment and art for them. So, go and try this startling eye makeup now.

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