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different color caviar nail art

Caviar nail art has been on the nail art’s lover radar for last three years. This trend began when model amazed the audience with their astonishing caviar manicure at Cushnie et Ochs’ runway fall show of 2011. Since then creative girls got attracted toward this wonderful nail art design. There is no need to always go for a smooth nail art design when you can get a wonderful look through edgy and curvy beads of caviar. It is not really difficult to get caviar design nails. You just need to spend only half hour for getting a perfect caviar nail design.

turquoise caviar nail art


How to do Caviar Manicure?

In case you don’t have any idea how to get caviar nail art then below you can find five easy and quick steps:

Step No.1 Apply thin coat of base nail polish for preparing your nails. Apply one coat of opaque white nail polish. There is no need to apply thick coat. Let your base coat dry.

Step No.2 Get ready with caviar beads. Take bead either in a cap or a wide cup for ready application.Apply one coat of white opaque nail polish and wait for 5 seconds so it can set but don’t let it dry.

Step No.3 Start sprinkling micro-beads on your nail. It is always better to work with one nail at a time. Pour micro-beads of white or any other color of your choices on the nail.

Step No.4 Press down the beads with dry finger pad. You need to press the bead, so they can stick with the nail polish.

Step No.5 Apply a top coat for sealing your caviar beads into their place. Let the nail polish dry. Voila ! you are done with caviar manicure.

Brilliant ideas of Easy Caviar Nail art designs

Now you have an idea how to get caviar nail, next thing that you would like to know is some wonderful design ideas. So, let’s start exploring the ways with which you can decorate your nail with caviar beads.

 One tone Caviar Manicure

It is among the common caviar nail design that you see. You task is to sprinkle same color caviar micro beads on your nail. This nail art idea can be tried on some special parties. For example, if you are going to attend prom party night with your read outfit then definitely you can opt for red caviar manicure. In case you have a plan to celebrate birthday party of your friend then you can easily decorate your nail with caviar micro-beads that matches with your outfit’s color.

pink caviar nail art


turquoise caviar manicure

white nail art


dark purplenail art


dark blue caviar nail art

Dark Blue

green caviar nail art


black caviar manicure


Multicolor Caviar Manicure

Don’t want to stick with a single color caviar nail design? You would love to design ail with multicolor caviar beads. Good thing is that you have diverse color options when it comes to multicolor beads. For example, if you are going to wear pink color then you are able to find pink multi tone caviar beads. On the other hand, if you need super glossy multicolor beads then you can easily find them in makeup accessory store.

blue multi caviar manicure

multicolor pink caviar nail art

multicolor caviar nail art

Creative Caviar Manicure

In case you have some extra time and want to be little creative then below you can find some good ideas to begin with.

Caviar Heart Design

In order to get this design. You need to first apply shocking pink nail polish on four nails and then to decorate tip of these nails with black caviar beads. Apply black nail polish on one nail and make a heart with caviar beads in the middle of nail.

caviar heart design

Multicolor Caviar Heart

It is among the simplest caviar  art designs. First apply light pink base coat on all nails. Sprinkle caviar beads on four nail in such a way that beats cover every single corner of nail. You need to fill four nails with multicolor beads. Make a cute small heart with caviar bead in the middle of one nail.

caviar creative nail art design

White nails with Red Caviar Heart

It is another simple caviar manicure to try for. Your task is to apply silver white nail polish on every nail and then to make a cute red caviar beads heart on a nail of your choices,

white nails with red caviar beads Half Caviar beads, Half Nail Polish

This caviar nail  design would surely take your some time. However, it’s not really hard. You need to decorate three nails with blue caviar beads. Apply blue or turquoise nail polish on two nails. Leave one nail as it is while fill one side of another nail with micro-beads. Your are done…

blue and turquoise caviar nail art designs


Different color Beads on Nails

Looking for an amazing idea of decorating nail with caviar beads? You can surely go for a simple idea of decorating every nail with different color beads. There is no need to design each nail with simple color. You can pick different color for each finger.

different color  nail art

caviar multicolor nail art designCaviar beads setting only on One nail

Another idea that you can try is to decorate only one nail of your choice with caviar micro-beads. For example, you can apply pink color nail polish on all nails and then to sprinkle pink caviar beads on a nail of your choice. In case you want to do some contrast then you can apply purple nail polish on four nails while decorating one nail with silver caviar nail polish base and beads.

blue  nail art design

black caviar nail artpurple and silver caviar manicure

purple and multicolor caviar beads

caviar menicure pink and multiplum  nail artI’m sure you have enjoyed these cool ideas of caviar nail art designs. Now it’s your turn to pick one idea and to start work on it. Don’t forget to share your comment about the best design.

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