Dazzling Rihanna Makeup and Style Looks for Vogue March 2014

Rihanna top and jeans 2014

It is the third time in four years that Rihanna is adding grace to cover page of Vogue magazine. You need to pick March 2014 issue of this magazine to get a close look of Rihanna Fashion 2014. When you look at cover, you think that Rihanna posed without makeup while it’s not true. Though it is light yet makeup is there. She didn’t go for heavy mascara coats but a light sleek coat of eyeliner made her simply amazing. She applied eyeliner and lipstick from Mac just to grab a magical look.

Rihanna top and jeans 2014

Rihanna Adds Grace to Cover of Vogue with natural Makeup

Well, Rihanna likes to wear natural makeup and she sticks with her routine even for fashion magazine’s cover page. This 25 year-old girl seems to emphasize on enhancing her face cuts and features instead of creating beauty. Its seems that Rihanna wants to give a message to her  fashion followers of 2014 that they need to completely concentrate on their facial beauty. They should own and enhance their natural beauty with a little makeup or simply no dependency on makeup.

She is wearing a thin and straight coat of eyeliner on her top eyelid. She blended brown eyeliner on bottom eyelid just to define her eyes shape in a perfect manner. Though she applied a light coat of mascara yet lashes aren’t turned up. Her eyes look relaxed and sexy, without any doubt.

Rihanna tattoos and dress 2014

Nude lipstick is used to offer a perfect classy look to Rihanna. It is always advisable to choose a nude that matches with your complexion. In case you pick wrong shade then you might not get the desired chic and natural look.

Rihanna is looking adorable on cover of Vogue March 2014.

During interview, Rihanna told the magazine that she always does her own makeup. “I do them myself.” Rihanna said. When the interviewer asked her to give them a demo, Rihanna said to her assistant ,“Jen. Get me my eyeliner from MAC,”

Rihanna Weave Rock Vogue’s Cover 

Rockstar rihanna is also known for her new and unique hairstyles. Her weave hairstyle is indeed looking amazing from every angle. Rihanna hairstyle is quite different and someone needs many ounces of confidence to wear such hairstyle, which is long from one side and shaved from another. It is going to be one of the weird Rihanna hairstyles of 2014.

Rihanna Black bra and red skirt 2014

Rihanna showed her woven hair weave to interviewer and said,“It’s not my hair, but the girl who donated it, she’s the bomb. Black girls never let anyone see this.I have two main hair people I work with. They’re always with me. I’m like, ‘I’m bored! I wanna change my hair!’ That’s the good thing about a weave. You can do whatever with it.”

Rihanna’s natural makeup and weave hairstyle is indeed making Vogue March 2014’s cover page simply fantastic. What do you think about Rihanna fashion 2014 look on March issue of Vogue’s Cover page?




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