Dazzling and Glamorous Lip Makeup art Ideas

Fuchsia gemstone lip makeup art

It’s the time when I need attention of really creative girls since I have some fantastic ideas of glamorous lip makeup art. These ideas doesn’t need your much effort. Everyone can give it a try, creative girls will be able to copycat these ideas in a few minutes. There is only a need to apply your favorite lipstick and then to start decorating every curve and cut of your lips either through gemstone or through dry multicolor glitters. This makeup art for lips doesn’t cost you much. You just need to spend a few bucks for gemstone, glitters and startling lipstick colors whenever you want to try diverse ideas. Let’s peep into stunning lip makeup ideas.

lip makeup art designs

Green Lantern Lip art

Well, it is indeed an eye-catching lip art idea that a girl can try anytime. For copying this art, you need green lantern or simply green gemstone along with dark black lipstick. Apply black lipstick and then start fixing green crystal clear gemstone on lips with lip glue.

green lantern gemstone lip artFuchsia Glittery Lip art

The girls who are going to wear Fuchsia dress on a special party must give a try to this captivating lip art. There is only a need to apply fuchsia lipstick on base and then to start fixing fuchsia gemstones. You need to fill full lips with crystal shiny gems.

Fuchsia gemstone lipartMulticolor Gemstone Lip Art

Another amazing ideas of glamorous lip makeup art is to go for multicolor gemstone. You need to pick yellow, green, purple, red, and sky blue gemstones. Each gemstone should be of equal size, if you want to copycat the design in an exact manner.

multicolor gemstone lip makeup artSterling Silver GlamorousMakeup art

Apply dark black matte lipstick and then start setting sterling silver gemstones on your lips. You need to fix the gemstones with lip glue. Girls need to get five big silver crystal clear stone along with numerous standard sized stones.

sterling silver gemstone  makeup artPink Candy Lip Makeup Art

On some special occasions such as Christmas and Easter, girls want special kind of lip art ideas. They should get candy lip accessories for getting the most from their lip makeup.First apply light fuchsia lipstick and then start decorating candy lip accessories over it.

pink glittery lip  artLight Green Glossy Lip Makeup art

Apply light greenish lipstick on lips and then start enhancing its look with the mean of startling green gemstone. You need to pick a standard size green gemstone.

green gemstone  makeup artSilver Multicolor Glittery Lip art

Apply silver lipstick on base. Choose a good quality multicolor glitter and then fix it all over the lips. You need to set glitter in such a wavy that every cut of your lips get cleared.

multicolor  silver glitter makeup artHot Red Gemstone Lip art idea

Apply dark red lipstick on lips. Pick different sizes of red gemstones and then fix them with right sequence. First start the outline of lips and then set the tiny stones inside the lips. Girls who apply lipstick first make the strong lip line and then fill the lip with lipstick. You need to keep same theme in mind.

red lips makeup art

Multicolor Glittery Shine lip art

It is one of the best glamorous lip makeup ideas. You first need to make a base lipstick and then start fixing multicolor stones. Good colors are green, red, blue,silver, etc. However, you can pick your own favorite colors.

multicolor shiny lip makeupBlue and White Lip art ideas

It is among the simplest and easy glamorous lip makeup. Apply white base lipstick ad then start making the blue round marks on the lipstick. You can also use blue gemstone for enhancing your lip appearance.

blue and white lip artPurple Startling and Shiny Lip Makeup

You are able to buy lip round stars from the makeup accessories shop whenever you want. Apply purple dark lipstick on base and then decorate your curvy lips with tiny shiny stars.

purple glittery lip makeup art

Lip Glittery Gemstone art

Apply cute pink lipstick on lips and then start fixing pink gemstone of different sizes over it. This lip art can be tried on any special event. It would be indeed fun to create such a startling and shiny lip art. If you wear such art on a special party then everyone will praise you.

pink gemstone lip art

Don’t wait anymore, go and try any of these glamorous lip makeup art designs.

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