Check Exciting Ideas of Boys Colorful Mohawk Hairstyles

Colorful mohawk for kids

If your little boy has tired from long hairstyles then you should give a try to Mohawk hairstyles. Good thing about this hairstyle is that it can suit to every hair length. If your kid has short hair length then you can go for simple Mohawk hairstyles. On the other hand, punk Mohawk hairstyle is preferable. Normally guys color the punk by shaving both sides of hair. Height of Punk is completely dependent on hair length. Longer the punk, better look will be. Good thing about Mohawk kids hairstyle is that it adds confidence into one’s personality. After getting this hairstyle, he would feel more confidence than before. If you don’t know which Mohawk hairstyle is suitable for your kid then I’m going to give you ideas of boys colorful Mohawk hairstyles below.Check these ideas and pick the best for your son.

Short hair Mohawk hairstyle

This hairstyle is indeed suitable for the boys who have short hair. They just need to shave off their two side hair while making a small punk with thick volume of middle section of hair.

mohawk short hairstyle

Short hair Mohawk hairstyles

short hair mohawk hairstyles

Blonde Mohawk

Red Liberty Spikes

These spikes are quite common among youngsters. This hairstyles usually have spikes in the Mohawk.Mostly,boys die their hair in dark red tone for enhancing beauty of this style. However, you can give a try to other shades as well.

Mohawk Red Punk hairstyles for kids

Red Punk

Mohawk in red for boys

Red/Black Liberty Mohawk

colorful mohawk hairstyle

Dark Red Mohawk

Green Mohawk

You rarely see boys with green or jade colored mohawk. However, fact is that this color looks very astonishing. Boys with fair face color can opt for this color.

Colorful mohawk for kids

Jade and Blonde Mohawk

green mohawk hairstyles for Kids

Green Mohawk

Blue Mohawk

Kids of Celebrities usually like to wear blue Mohawk hairstyles as it adds beauty and style side by side. You can either die your son hair or just add a little blue shades to punk; choice is yours.


Kids Blue Punk Mohawk hairstyle

Blue Punk


Sleek Black Mohawk Hairstyles

It is a fact that black punk looks elegant. Some boys with low confidence level find it hard to go everywhere with shaded Mohawk,so they give a preference to black punks. After getting this punk, they can go anywhere without any hesitation.

black punk mohawk hairstyle

Black Punk

mohawk punk hairstyle for kids

High Punk

little boys mohawk hairstyles

Perfect Shiny Punk hairstyle


Blonde/Brown Shade Boys Mohawk Hairstyle

If you want to add some cuteness to Mohawk hairstyles then you can pick blonde or brown shaded Mohawk  hairstyle for your son. Before you opt for this shade, you need to know whether this shade will look perfect with your son’s complexion or not.

Brown Mohawk for boys

Brown/Red Punk

Blonde mohawk hairstyles for boys

Simple Blonde Mohawk

I have provided you complete ideas of Boys colorful mohawk hairstyles. Now it’s your choice to pick one color that matches with your son’s personality, complexion and of course confidence level. Always ask from your boy, what color he likes the most.


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