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Super Cool Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Men

black men color mohawk

Do you want to look really cool? Bored from taper and bob cut? I think it is right time to give a try to some wonderful Mohawk hairstyles. Any guy can try these hairstyles yet fact is that these are considered perfectly matched with the personality of black men. You may surprise to know that …

Long Straight Hairstyles For Men

casual long straight hairstyle for men

The guys who want to look different and stylish can opt for long straight hairstyles for men. Keeping It Straight With The Long Hair A long hairstyle on a man can look completely different depending on whether it’s wavy or straight. While the longer hair on men may not be looked down upon any more, …

Long Hairstyles For Men: Sexy But Risky

fashionable long hairstyles for men

If you are among those guys who are daring then you should try one of the popular long hairstyles for men. Big Change, Big Hair When a woman needs a change in her life, she will head to the hairdresser to chop off her mane; when a man gets the same notion, he may chose …