5 Near Reality Portrait Tattoo designs

cute girl portrait tattoo design

A person who is going to get a tattoo knows very well that he is getting a permanent form of body art. There are different types of tattoos and no doubt, portrait design is among the most common yet difficult type. Generally, people who opt for portrait tattoo want to memorialize a person or event. Boys get the ink of their girl friend’s portrait; the best example is Justin Bieber who has Selena Gomez tattoos on his arm.check amazing tattoos of Justin Bieber.Love isn’t the single reason for pouring ink of such tattoo designs. Some boys need ink of ugly portrait of their girl friends usually because they get cheated or simply hate their ex-girlfriends. No matter what the reason of getting portraits tattoo, a tattoo artist has to pay his full attention to the design, ink and needle while working. Today, I would like to bring into light five portrait tattoo designs that are adorable. Let’s have a look.

1.Little Cute girl Portrait Tattoos design

You really get surprised to see how amazingly this portrait design has been made by the artist. Every feature of little girl’s face is clear and vivid. Even you can see the shine of her eyes and lips. Artist also clear every bang of side parted bob cut. Girl wore T-shirt that has printed big clock with dual dials. No doubt, this picture is going to be one of the beautiful body arts.

cute girl portrait tattoo design

2. Handsome Man Portrait Tattoo

Another tattoo design that looks close to reality is of a handsome man. The shine of his eyes are indeed magnetic. Her side parted hairstyle is as clear as it could be. This arm tattoo is going to attract the attention of tons of people who might think that a person has a real-man head inked on arm. Amazingly, tattoo artist made a real effort for clearing every cut of man’s face and neck. His collar and tie are indeed designed gaudily. This handsome man might be appeared as a hero in films of 1980-90s.

man arm portrait tattoo

3. Old Age Man Portrait Tattoo Design

If you are looking for an amazing portrait tattoo design then you might consider this. As you can see, there is a picture and artwork on arm side by side. First take a look at picture and then look at the arm; certainly, you find it quite hard to identify any difference. You may admit that portrait tattoo is more beautiful than a digital camera picture. This tattoo is designed by an artist with his artistic hand. He clearly made frown lines, jaw lines, laugh lines and dimple of this old age guy. The most astonishing thing about this design is the smile that is super-fantastic. This tattoo smile is exactly alike with natural people smile or even better.

old age portrait tattoo on arm

4. Little Boy Portrait Tattoos

This portrait of cute little boy is indeed amazing. When you look at the tattoo, you feel that this little boy is digging inside you. His shiny eyes have some questions to ask for. His silent shiny lips might hide any secret. His shirt is handing off the chest area to show off one nipple. His messy hairstyle also grabs your attention. You would like to take this boy to your home just to know what his problem is and just for setting his hair and dress.

arm portrait tattoo designs

5. Little Girl Portrait Tattoo

This is another teen portrait tattoo design that would force you to praise its artist. You can see original picture in the background once you done with starring the tattoo design. No doubt, this near-reality tattoo design is so beautiful and startling that you would mind taking a look at the original picture of this little girl. When you look at the picture, you think that there is some sort of misery in her eyes; only God knows what she was feeling while someone was busy in capturing her astonishing look into a picture. Glow of her eyes is simply magical. She wore blonde curly side parted hairstyle that boosted up her innocent face looks to a great extent.

little girl portrait tattoo on arm

At the end, I would like to give a credit to a tattoo artist who did such a remarkable job of portrait tattooing. Find his work on Facebook..


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