4 Common hairstyles of Harry Styles

harry styles floppy mop

Harry Styles is indeed a true inspiration for all those teenagers who are passionate to do something in their life or who want to make a difference. Many teens think to become a member of music industry due to this renowned member of British Pop Music band i.e. One Direction. Female fans of Harry styles do not only like his voice and talent but also his gorgeous hairstyle. It is a reason that more and more teenagers and twenty plus men keep an eye on hairstyles of Harry Styles. In case you are also a fan of harry style and want to imitate his hairstyling then you don’t need to do much. Actually, most of time Harry appear with one out of four common hairstyles. You hardly see him in a short cut because he has medium hair length that he styles normally in four different ways. Time to explore four usual but popular hairstyles of Harry.

harry styles curly hairstyle

1.Curly Mop Hairstyle

Harry looks quite innocent and cute with this specific hairstyle. He has natural curly hair which his hairstylist set in a very clear way. Hairstyle of Harry style got the first position in top male celebrities hairstyle in a survey of 2013. This survey include 1000 men and women who were member of  professional haircare retailer, Fabriah.com. 21 percent of 1000 people gave vote to hairstyle. According to one female participant of survey, she would like to date a man who have Floppy mop hairstyle of Harry styles. Curly mop can be regarded as signature hairstyle of Mr.Styles.

curly mop hairstyle of harry styles

harry styles floppy mop

harry styles messy mop

2.Sleek Man Bun

It is Harry styles who initiated the trend of man bun among the teenagers. It is another common hairstyle that Harry likes to wear at many places. It is among his casual hairstyle. Normally, when he hangout with friends on beach or a special place then he like to tie his hair in a sleek but attractive hair bun. This hairstyle makes him so gorgeous and appealing. Hair bun is not a common hairstyle for men.However, once harry appeared with this kind of hairstyle then tons of his fan start catching their long hair in either top knot or low hair bun.

harry styles hair bun

harry styles bun

harry styles hair bun

3. Messy Curly hairstyle

It is one of the common hairstyles of Harry Styles. When Harry doesn’t have to go to stage then he appears with messy curly hairstyle. Sometimes, he has such a messy curly hair that people think he forget to brush his hair; while it’s not true. He want to show how casual and informal he is through his hairstyle. There is a possibility that through this kind of hairstyle he wants to tell the world that he doesn’t care how others see him. If he likes casual messy hair then he would go out with it.

harry styles curly messy hair

harry styles messy curly hair

harry styles messy curls

4. Slicked Back Hairstyle

You can call this hairstyle as one of the formal hairstyles of Harry. He attend Mega awards and music shows with this specific hairstyle. His hairstyle uses shinning serum and then swept his front hair toward back. No doubt, Harry looks very cool and sexy with this specific hairstyle. He shakes the heart of many girls through this kind of hairstyling.

harry styles slick back hairstyle

swept back hairstyle of harry styles

harry styles slicked back hair

Which one of these hairstyles of Mr.Styles you like the most? Don’t forget to vote your favorite hairstyle.




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